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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Move From Hell

I'm sure some of you are wondering how the move is coming along. Well....let's just say that this move has officially been dubbed "the move from hell." The moving company that moved us is by far the worst we have ever worked with. We're talking, people not returning phone calls, and worse.

Our household goods arrived on Tuesday (YAY) at around 4 in the afternoon. Seriously. The truck pulled up at 4:00 pm. The driver and one other guy unloaded everything and started putting some of our furniture together and finally left at 10:00 pm. Nothing had been unpacked because they told us that they were just movers, not an unpacking team. They also informed us that they had been sitting in the office since 8:00 that morning waiting to get dispatched to bring us our stuff. WHAT?!?

So anyway, we're happy to have our stuff and call our move manager the next morning (Wednesday) to see about have an unpacking team come to the house. She didn't answer and still has not called us back. D called the local JPPSO office Wednesday about mid-day and the manager there told us that if we hadn't heard from her by yesterday at noon to let him know. Well, we let him know. We also let him know that we were going to unpack and that someone needed to come get all the garbage when we finished.

We are still unpacking, the completion date for the contract has come and gone and this is what our house looks like now:

AJ's room. Yes, that is the crib leaning against the wall, unassembled.

Living room.


I'm a little annoyed, to say the least.


  1. ooh man! I would be um yeah lets say annoyed for blog world sake. I would have chewed someones head off by now! Especially since AJ doesn't have her crib to sleep in! Hope things get resolved soon!

    (ps. I just ordered the green sandals... I could pass on the price and they only had my size in stock...)

  2. Sounds like it was meant to be then with the sandals! And yeah, "annoyed" was the word I was throwing around too. lol


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