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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hotel Bloopers

I had to jump on the computer this morning and tell you guys what happened to us last night.

AJ and I were laying in bed, I was watching TV and she was sleeping. D was updating his iPod on the computer when we hear a key slide into our door. We are traveling with my mom and sister, so we didn't really think anything of it. We just figured that one of us had given them a key to our room.

All of a sudden, our door swings open and a Canadian (I didn't see them, but could hear their eh's and oh's from my perch on the bed) couple starts apologizing profusely and our dog is running to the door, tail wagging like crazy! Our dog is less than protective of our family. She tends to be under the impression that a burglar should be invited in for a drink.

Anyways, D is super pissed less than pleased, so he tries to get the front desk on the phone to no avail. Still seething, he muttered something to me about the whole situation being "totally unacceptable" and stomped down the hall to the lobby. He was back 5 minutes later with a key that didn't work. He came in and grabbed both keys and stomped back to the lobby.

Meanwhile, the girl from the front desk calls the room (thanks for waking the sleeping baby) and tells me that she's going to give us a 20% discount on our room and that she is soooo sorry. She was really genuinely sorry and I could tell she felt so bad, so I was kind of okay with the way the whole situation turned out, being that she resolved it.

After all the commotion, I can't help but wonder if the Canadian couple ever found a room of their own!

Has this ever happened to any of you? If so, what did the hotel do to make it right?


  1. Ya, the same thing happened to us at a Best Western in Memphis, although it was at about 2am! We definitely didn't sleep well the rest of the night, and of course, no one was at the front desk at that hour. They ended up not charging us for the night, although they denied that it was possible for it to happen. I definitely would've been freaked if I was by myself. Crazy that it happens so much!

  2. It's happened to us. They not only comped our room for the night, we also got a free 3 nights at any of their hotels nationwide, as well as a $100 gift card to a local restaurant.

    I was pretty pissed off when I stomped down to the lobby to gripe, and they knew it. I refused to let up until they comped the night and I guess I scared the kid behind the counter enough that he gave me all that on top of it.

    Also: in Vegas once they had a room mix up, and comped our room for the entire stay (3 days) as well as gave us some buffet tickets for free.


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