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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1 Completed

I meant to get on last night and let you all know that I started my exercise regime yesterday. I went to the gym here on post and plodded ran on the treadmill. I ran about 2.5 miles. It wasn't pretty. I walked some (I didn't count the walking in my mileage, in case you were wondering). I just had to keep reminding myself that if I keep it up, it will get easier. I also weighed myself, which I think was probably the scariest and ugliest part of the trip. Ugh.

Today is day 2, so by default, it shouldn't be quite as bad as day 1, right?!

On a side note. The movers still aren't here. We were assured that they would be here today and that they would call us in the morning to let us know when to expect them. Well, the clock is ticking and the morning is slowly slipping away. Its 1028. I'm guessing that we would be wise to not expect them today. GRR. I was really hoping to have furniture and not have to sleep on an air mattress for another night. We have officially been "camping" in our own house for 7 nights. I just don't understand what could be taking them so long to get here. You had better believe that when the survey comes and its time for us to rate these people they should run and hide. I'm not going to sugar coat it.

The same exact thing happened to us this move with the packers. The company said that based on our inventory, our house would take 2 days to pack. We told them that we didn't have 2 days, so they said that the packers would be allowed to take overtime that day to get it all finished. Well, the packers took advantage of that and literally took 4 hours to pack one room in our house. It wasn't even the kitchen. Needless to say, when the manager stopped by that afternoon to check on progress, he wasn't happy and yanked their overtime. The company sent out a crew of packers along with the loaders to finish the job the next day. Seriously though, I think the packers thought that they would milk the whole overtime thing and slack off. So annoying.

Now the movers know that they have until the 17th as the last possible day to deliver our HHG without penalty. I'm thinking that they're just taking advantage of this as well. Sure, if something happened along the way that held them up or whatever, I understand. That is why they add the cushion in the delivery guarantee. However, we have called them numerous times, both the driver and the dispatchers and never got in touch with them nor did they ever call back. That is completely unacceptable, and unprofessional and you had better bet the Army will hear about it from me.

Ok. Rant over. Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

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