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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Race Weekend (In Pictures)

Before I start this post I want to let you know that I didn't take my camera with me to the race, so there are no pictures from Sunday since we were running and then traveling home and the last thing I wanted to do was worry about getting my camera out!

The water taxi on the riverwalk.

A yummy restaurant on the riverwalk (happens to share a name with the dog we had growing up).

Me and my sister posing on a bridge.

Waiting for lunch!

My parents on the bridge.

The twin cypress trees.

The statue in Travis park.

"Lest we forget, our confederate dead."

The restaurant where we ate dinner Friday night.
My mom getting "branded."

My mom and sister "rocking on" at the expo.

Yummy Texas beer!

The statue at the Alamo.

My family in front of the Alamo.


  1. my favorite pic is definitely mom and dad posing on the bridge... quality photo!!

  2. You and your sister look a lot alike!

  3. The picture of your mom getting branded cracks me up. I totally agree with previous commenters that you and your sister look a lot alike! :) It looks like a great weekend!!!

  4. Ahhh...I love San Antonio!!

    Great pics, and congrats on your race!

  5. Oh man these pictures make me miss Texas!


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