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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping Report

First off. Massage=heaven.

On to shopping. My sister and I went to the mall after lunch yesterday and we also stopped in at the world's biggest baby store (Buy Buy Baby). All in all it wasn't a bad trip, but I was prepared to spend some money and I didn't really get a lot of the stuff that I was looking for.

Normally the Gap is like "what do I not want?" and yesterday I didn't buy anything. I did get AJ a few cute things from Baby Gap that were on clearance though, so that was exciting. Our trip to Buy Buy Baby was insane. We were there because I wanted to buy more 8 oz bottles and small town doesn't sell the bottles we use. Well, I was planning on looking at some of the baby clothes while we were there and it was so instensely overwhelming that we just got the bottles and left. In case you've never been there before, I'll explain.

Have you ever been to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Well, this baby store is owned by the same company and is set up exactly the same way. It is huge and has walls of things that go all the way up to the ceiling! I'm not kidding when I say that it was overwhelming. I'm not one to be freaked out easily and I seriously looked towards the clothes and then turned to my sister and said, "let's GTFO of here!"

My main goal was to find a swim suit for our FL trip. I should have known better than to wait until the end of summer to find a suit. We really didn't see that many and the only store where I actually saw a few was in Victoria's Secret. Um, no thanks!

Speaking of VS, we went in there and their computer system was down so they were writing down credit card information manually. Well, I took a look at my hand written receipt when we got home and the girl forgot to (or just didn't) write down the last four digits of my credit card number. I'm assuming that means that I won't be seeing a charge from them.

Does it make me a bad person that I didn't call or try to remedy the situation at all? What would you have done?


  1. What? You're not a bad person. Seriously, think of all the crap you have to put up with. VS is a big store and your 'free' bras and panties won't bankrupt them. And I'm sure that won't be the last time you go there. And I'm sure next time you go there you'll buy something you totally don't need. For those reasons, I think you're okay. I would have done the same thing. Maybe even gone back to see if it happened again.

  2. I read recently on another blog that you can use BB&B 20% off coupons at Buy, Buy, Baby...just to help you out with all that shopping!

  3. I was at the loft yesterday and was undecided on a tank so I threw it over my arm and kept shopping. Later I checked out and then I went to Charlotte Russe. As I was waiting for my friend I notice the tank top still on my arm! I freaked the eff out and ran right back to return it. They laughed at me that I made such a big deal about it! I don't think you are a bad person! I'm surprised that they even had the manual slips!!

  4. Did they use one of those slider thingys that they put your card into and it makes a carbon copy of the info on it? if they did that, then they don't need to handwrite out your entire card number.

  5. Heck no you're not a bad person! You were just lucky that day :)


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