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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Beloved Flip Flops

I have a certain pair of black flip flops that have been with me since college. They rock. Seriously. I have worn them so much that my feet have left impressions in the soles. I wore out the rubber on the bottom of them. I lurve them.

Try not to gag.

Well, D finally convinced me that we’re not poor I should buy a new pair of black flip flops. Its not that I don't think they're gross looking or anything, they're just soooo comfortable that I was hesitant to get rid of them. Sure, the company still makes them and I could just order another pair of the exact same flip flops, but that's not the point.

I decided to branch out. I bought a different brand. (Ooooooh. I'm such a rebel.) The new flops are a brand that my little sis recommended to me, so I figured I'd just try them out. I mean, honestly, I'm not too worried about dropping $15 on a pair of flip flops that could potentially last me through the next Summer Olympics. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous buying a new brand since we don’t have stores here have a limited shopping selection that most certainly does not include brand name stuff. My fears were put to rest though, when this was delivered to my doorstep a mere week and a half later (yes, our mail takes a long time to reach the middle of nowhere).

I mean, how could you not be happy to see that? So I tore into the box and there they were! The sandals that will carry me through the next 5 years of my life season.

These are the new black flops.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I really like them. Also, I got a few other things too. Like these bad boys.

Oh, and also, D wasted no time putting the old ones in the garbage and then promptly taking the garbage out to the can (there's a first time for everything, folks!).


  1. haha, ths is a cute post. Yay for change, I love that brand. I have a pair myself. And I love the gold sandals!

  2. I cannot believe that you have flip flops last that long. Mine get eaten by dogs (and now kids) and I always lose one. I have a ton of single flip flops that don't match though. When one of my legs falls off from trying to run a half marathon I'll be set...

  3. Black flip flops go with everything. I wore them to shovel snow last winter and my neighbor reminded me that "we're experiencing winter...if I hadn't noticed"

  4. umm im on my 3rd or 4th pair of black reefs. They are my ABSOLUTE favorite!

  5. Cute, cute post! I love my flip-flops to death:)

  6. Those old ones are disgusting! I still have those sandals that we got from the half marathon way back when. But nice background in those pics, where is that at? It looks like some nice tile or granite countertops.

  7. I completely loved (and related to) this post. I have a love affair with my black flip flops. :)

    Yay for getting a new pair (though I am sure it was sad to part with the others) and I love the new brown and gold ones too!!!


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