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Friday, May 14, 2010

Shopping Spree a.k.a. Its Payday!

Woo hoo! Its payday in our house! That can only mean one thing.... I had to go shopping! AJ and I went out on the town this afternoon and had a leisurely lunch at Panera, then we hit up Old Navy in hopes of procuring swim suits for both of us. Unfortunately, in the store the smallest swim suit they had for babies was a 6 month. AJ is fairly small for a 2 month old, so none of the super adorable suits were going to work for her. We may go to Target or hit up the mall and check out the selection at Gymboree or The Children's Place this weekend.

I did however, find a suit for myself, along with some Summer stuff for both of us. I'll admit it. I shopped their website this morning before we left so I knew exactly what I was looking for in the baby section. These are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen:

You might think my previous statement is odd, but just look at the back side of them in this next picture:

Are those not the cutest little bloomers ever!?!

Here's the top I got to go with it:

I got myself this swim suit:

For some reason the bottoms look like a different color than the top, but they're actually the same as the top. Its super cute and covers the belly! I also got a cute summery shirt and a pair of fancy flip flops to wear with the dress I got for D's promotion ceremony on June 1!

Just had to share my awesome finds! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. hi there - thanks for the note :) I'm going to add you to my list of reads :) Those ruffly bloomers are so cute!


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