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I'm a twenty-nine year old Army wife currently living near a large Army post. I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper, the Internet, cloth diapers, and ridiculous TV shows. I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters, AJ and Amelia. We also have a 6 year old beagle named Abby who is as dumb as a box of rocks.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Its Mamarazzi Monday!

I caught a few cute pictures of AJ this weekend. She is smiling "on demand" now so I've been getting super-cute smiley faces lately!

Smiling in the bouncy seat.

Action shot...bouncing away.

Then Sunday morning I was putting laundry away when I noticed this photo-op.

Watching TV with Daddy.


  1. What sweet, sweet pictures! Love your blog design too.

  2. Those first smiles are SO precious!!! :)

    My baby girl uses the same pacifier - have you heard of a "Wubanub"?? My sister bought one for her - it's a pacifier with a little stuffed animal attached! (makes it easier to keep track of!) Have a great week! :)

  3. @ens & A Wedding Story, Thanks!!

    @ Household 6 Diva, I have seen the wubanubs. They're super cute and seem like they would solve the problem of the pacifier always bouncing underneath things when it drops.

    Thanks for the comments!


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