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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend

We have absolutely nothing going on this weekend. It feels great!

Last night D came home and told me that his 1SG's son was competing in a dance competition near where we live today. We decided that since we have no life plans we would go watch. We were all going to go to lunch afterwards. 1SG says that the meet starts at 0800. Fine. I'm thinking its like a track or swim meet where you can go late and still get the idea.

This morning at 0730 I get in the shower and afterwards D is getting ready to take his shower when he gets a text from 1SG. The time is approximately 0810. His son is dancing now and awards will most likely be at about 0930, do we want to meet them for an early lunch at 1030? Haha! We totally missed it!

It's alright, we had a nice lunch (at Monster Burger!) and he's got another dance tomorrow afternoon that we're planning to go to. This time we have a better understanding of how this whole thing works, so we'll make sure to be on time! ;)

D is currently playing cleaning in the garage while I hang out with a sleeping baby. We made a trip to Babies 'R' Us after lunch and got a canvas tote thing for the car seat when we have to check it plane-side in a few short weeks! I also bought 2 swimsuits for AJ to wear during all of our hotel stays in case we decide to take her swimming! I promise I'll post pictures!

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