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Friday, May 21, 2010

My Pathetic Attempts at Not Eating Out....

Inevitably, about 3 weeks before we move I decide that we're not going to have enough money to get us to our next duty station. This causes me to vow to eat only food that we have at home for every meal. Also inevitably, I fail. Miserably. I'm pretty good about making dinner for D and I at home, because that requires actually planning in advance and cooking. Lunch, on the other hand, just doesn't work out.

Yesterday D asked me if I wanted to meet him for Teriyaki for lunch. Sure! Cheating doesn't count if we both go together, right?! Whatever, yesterday was Thursday, so that meant that I had eaten lunch at home Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. It also gave me an excuse to get out of the house with AJ.

You are probably thinking that since we ate out for lunch yesterday that I would for sure be eating some of the healthy soups we have in the cupboard. Or maybe a BLT made with the bacon from last night's brinner (breakfast for dinner). Nope. I drove through Jack In The Box. I rationalized this trip by telling myself I only really went there to get a giant Dr. Pepper. Last night AJ was transformed from the sleeping-through-the-night baby that I blogged about a few days ago to a baby who wants to get up every 4 hours at eat. I attribute this change to the fact that I blogged about how awesome she is just a few days ago. I desperately needed the caffeine in the 100 ounce sized Dr. Pepper.

So yeah, that brings me to now. I have eaten out for lunch two days in a row. Utter failure. The good news is that we should be getting the advance on our DLA any day now! Hooray!

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