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Monday, January 23, 2012

Lazy Weekend

We had a super lazy weekend. I think I left the house one time the entire weekend. It was glorious. I could have done without the super-early wake-up call from Miss AJ on Saturday morning (6 am!) but what can you do?

On Friday Hubby brought home a carpet cleaner than he borrowed from one of his co-workers so we could shampoo our carpets. We have a few high-traffic areas in the family room and front hallway that are super dirty and we figured if we only did those two rooms it would be worth it. I went out to Wally World Saturday morning to get the solution for the cleaner and a few other things like milk and eggs.

As soon as I got home we poured the solution into the canister and filled it with water and got to work. We decided to start with a small area by the door to the garage instead of starting in the middle of the room. I'm glad we decided to start there because the thing didn't work! There was a tiny bit of wetness on the carpet (like barely any) and the machine would not suck anything up at all! D called the guy he borrowed it from and he said that the last person who borrowed it said she had the same issue. Uh, duh! Haha! Why would you not tell us that beforehand? Needless to say, the carpets are still dingy. I did at least mop the kitchen floor, though! I had to because I had to get the water and cleaning solution from the machine cleaned up after it got everywhere when we were trying to fix the machine!

Sunday we just bummed around the house. AJ woke up around 7 and once we got downstairs she asked if she could watch "Buddies" which is the Space Buddies movie we recorded on the DVR. I jumped at the chance to put that on instead of Yo Gabba Gabba since it basically makes me want to claw my eyes out. We lounged around on the couch in jammies until 10 and then I got started on the mountain of laundry that is always beckoning to me. Ugh. To make matters even worse, I ran out of my good diaper detergent last time I washed diapers, so I'm using my back-up stash, which I don't like as much.

This afternoon D was digging through my junk drawer and found the squeakers that go to these shoes AJ has. He decided to put them back in and see what happened. You can read about what happened last time, here. Let me tell you, it was so funny! As she took her first step she froze, I was anticipating the absolute fear that she had last time and she started to whine a little, looking like she was going to cry. We both looked at her and said, "its okay!" and she took another step and then she was off! She went crazy! It was the funniest thing. She was stomping all around the house, jumping, running, dancing, doing the funny straight-leg walk that we call the Nazi-walk.

The only part of the weekend that I wish we could change is that AJ is back to the absolute temper-tantrums and meltdowns because she wants me to hold her while I make dinner. She gets so totally bent out of shape that we have to put her in timeout until she calms down enough to agree to do something else. Its awful. I wish there was something we could do to get her past it, but I have a feeling its just a stage and that we'll be done with it in time. Advice? Suggestions?

We don't have much going on this week, just the usual! We're watching a friend's daughter tomorrow afternoon while she goes for her last ultrasound before baby #2, a boy, is born. Should be fun for both girls!

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  1. A good lazy weekend every now and again is fabulous! As for the dinner time tantrums, have you tried getting out some pots and pans and maybe a wooden spoon and letting AJ do some "cooking" on the floor? Recently it's the only way I can get little man to insist on playing with the oven while I'm getting dinner together. I usually put some goldfish in a bowl and stir them around until he's interested. That way she can be involved and still have momma time. Good luck, you'll find what works for you :-)


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