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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Running Rut

I have a question for all of you runners out there.

What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? What motivates you to run when you can't find motivation?

I'm signed up to run a half marathon in just over a month and I'm really struggling lately with finding the motivation to do my training. You'd think that the fear of having to run 13.1 miles would be enough motivation, but sadly, its not.

I think part of the problem is that I was hoping the running would help me to shed some (all) of the baby weight and at this point, its not happening. So now I'm plodding along (unmotivated) and not losing weight. Ugh. I seriously thought that as I got back into shape and started losing weight that the running would become more fun. What is the problem here?

Please help me!


  1. Girl, I can't offer any advice because I feel the same way!! I want to lose the rest of this weight so bad but I have no will power... it's sad! We just purchased an elliptical off craigslist though and I think that might do the trick:)

  2. Maybe new workout music?? Running WITH someone?? I found that putting Little Butt into daycare and not having to push her in a stroller and really motivated me to start running again. I'm starting tomorrow but I'm nowhere near your level!

    Maybe write down all the reasons you wanted to start running in the first place. How does running make you feel?

    You've already said you have been slacking on the strength training and unfortunately without that you aren't going to lose more weight. Your body has plateaued and you need to change up the routine a bit. Muscle burns calories faster than fat so strengthening the muscle will help with the weight. It will also help make your running stronger.

    Good luck! You definitely need to find reasons to keep going. Can you give yourself some kind of treat for continuing? Like new outfits, a new book/movie for increasing distance? Something...

  3. When I was training I would give myself a day or two to "be in the rut" knowing that once those two days were over, I had to kick things in gear. And sometimes, just taking those mental health days from running makes a huge difference. And by taking them off I mean not thinking about how guilty you feel for taking them off. :) Hope that helps!

  4. when i was running (i dont anymore because of my knees) i found to get myself out of ruts was to just mix it up.. like to do other stuff at the gym or to reward myself with new songs (like if i ran 4 miles that dya, i could buy 4 new songs on itunes) or new running clothes. It's kind of a sick habit considering i now have a huge amount of running clothes but it worked!

  5. have you heard of Nike+? It's this little deally you stick in/on your shoe (they make special shoes but there are also little pouches you stick on your shoelaces) and it tracks your runs on your ipod a special bracelet. Then you link it to the Nike+ website and you can join challenges and compete against people all over the place. I run in the MilSpouse challenges, state challenges, etc. You can choose ones based on distance, speed, whatever! There are tons of them. And it tracks all your stuff helps you set goals. It really got me going. Knowing i just need two more miles to beat Soandso64 is great incentive!

  6. 1. Beyonce
    2. Fergie
    3. Non-food reward (when I get to 6.5 miles - halfway to half marathon - i think I'm getting a pedi)



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