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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling Motivated, Christmas Does That To Me

Have I ever mentioned my total and absolute obsession with all things Christmas? Well, I am completely and totally obsessed with Christmas and I'm one of those people who likes to surround themselves in a Winter Wonderland during the holidays.

The past few years I've listed Christmas Decorations as the first thing on my Christmas list. We've accrued some pretty nice stuff, but its all (for the most part) store bought. I have recently decided that I would like to start making a decoration (or several decorations) for our home each year. I think it will have more sentimental value than store bought decor and will possibly end up being cheaper than buying the decorations.

A few things that I'm thinking about are making a table runner, a tree skirt, cross-stitching winter or Christmas themed images, cross-stitching stockings and possibly some sort of quilting project.

Obviously I won't be doing all of these things at once, nor will all of these projects be attempted this year.

We are currently stationed in a location that is mainly for training and we will be PCSing shortly before Christmas this year, so we won't be decorating our house. That means that I'll have a year to finish any of the projects that I start this fall/winter.

So my questions for you are, do you have any favorite sites for finding patterns or crafting ideas? How about projects that you've completed that you're happy with the results? I'm really open to any ideas!


  1. I love Christmas too! We'll be here until March or May so I'm planning on decorating but I don't know how much...we won't be here for 3 weeks around Christmas so there's really no point.

  2. PCSing? Are you throwing a party or what?!! Better have one last shebang at Aussie Jacks. It's not everywhere you can get that kind of food...

  3. Great ideas! Making items, especially when you do it as a family, increases the 'value' so much more :) I would help you with ideas but I don't have a crafty/creative bone in my body :(

  4. Hi! I am the one who made Sarah's apron :-) I am planning to make Christmas stockings this year... so I am starting to look for Christmas craft idea's. If I find something I will let you know!

    Oh and I am making some aprons too!


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