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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Poor Puppy Dog....

Pup pup hasn't been feeling very good lately and has been acting really weird. I made an appointment for her at the vet this week and we didn't exactly walk away with great news. She had been drinking lots of water (like LOTS) and couldn't sleep at night. She kept us up all night the other night so I made the appointment for her.

Resting with all her friends.

The vet ran a bunch of tests, including blood and urine tests and she found that Abby's platelet count was 23,000. The normal range for a dog her size is 175,000-500,000. So obviously, her count is really low. The vet said that sometimes the machine used to run the test messes up, so they checked it manually and unfortunately, it was still low. They had us come back to draw more blood to determine if maybe it was the sample that was tainted or something and the third time they tested, Abby's levels came back low.

We have an antibiotic for her and the vet seems to think that its due to an infection she contracted from a tick. She said that it is fairly common in this area. We need to go back in a month to have her levels checked again, so hopefully she does well on the medication.

I'm not going to lie, if that was confusing its because I honestly have no idea what I'm talking about.

The thing that scares me is that I Googled. Oh yeah, I went online and googled "dog low platelet count" and read all about the terrible things that go along with having low levels. Words like "infection" and "cancer" were mentioned a lot, and my research did very little to assure me that Abby would be fine.

If you've ever googled anything medically related then you know that no good will come from it. In most cases, the information that is available online (and is easily located) is most likely the worst case scenario and not at all what is going on in your case.

Anyways, the poor puppy dog is currently sleeping on the couch, watching Law & Order: SVU, so I'd say that things are looking fairly normal around here.


  1. Oh no!! I know how terrible it feels to have a sick pet. :( And I know exactly what you mean about googling something medical. My mom always told me never to do it, and whenever I do I get completely freaked out. Hope Abby feels better soon!!

  2. Poor Abby. I wish your vet would have given you a bit more information.

  3. I hope the medicine helps Abby feel better!

  4. Awww I'm so sorry. It's so rough when our pets get sick - they are such a part of people's family. I hope that she starts to feel better very very soon.

  5. Awwww. Poor little puppy! I hope he feels better!


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