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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{Online} Window Shopping

Does anyone else do this? Tell me I'm not alone.

I went shopping last night. From the comfort of my couch. No, I didn't buy anything, but I did put a bunch of stuff in my shopping cart, so that counts, right?

The main living areas of our house are coming along nicely, but the upstairs leaves something to be desired. In the guest room/D's office, we're talking about an air mattress that we call a "bed" and the sitting room in the Master bedroom is completely empty, aside from a pack 'n' play filled with toys and AbbyDog's bed (that's a decorating scheme, right?).

I enjoyed my online window shopping so much and was so pleased with my finds that I thought I'd share a few of them with you all!

To start you off, here's the head board that we already have in our bedroom:

Not exactly, ours is flat across the top, but its basically the same color, style and details as ours.

This is similar to the color that is on the walls in every room in our entire house the Master bedroom. Here's a picture of the Master looking into the sitting room when we moved in. We obviously have our bed and dresser in there now, but not much else.

The corner where the stuff is in this picture is where the pack n play sits now.

We have 3 of these dressers (one on each side of the bed working as a night stand and one in the sitting room). We also have a book case that is the same color and we currently have our tv on top of it.

So as you can see, we have little color, but a lot of potential to work with!

Okay, so on to the exciting shopping part of the post! To start, I thought it might be nice to bring in a little color on the bedding. I found this duvet cover at Crate and Barrel.

I like the simplicity of it, coupled with the fact that its not too girly (the hubs likes it) and it brings in a lot of the colors we already have going on in the room (read: beige). If I get this duvet, I obvs have to get the pillow shams to go with it (window shopping, people):

And I plan on throwing a few extra pillows in my "cart" to throw on this beauty:
I think this chair and a half would go perfectly in the sitting room off the Master. Don't forget the ottoman to put your feet up!

And alongside the chair, we'd have to incorporate somewhere to set your drink (be it coffee, tea, or a nice glass of wine after a long day):

I absolutely love this table.

Plus we can't have the room off-kilter, so we'll add another table in to balance it out!

Oh, and since D has been complaining storing his clothes on the floor, I guess we can get another dresser for him.

We also need curtains on the 3 windows in the room, so I thought this pattern would be a fun accent to throw in that would bring out the yellow in the duvet and pillows!

And you can't window shop for an entire room's worth of stuff and not include any accessories, so I'd obviously need this vase.

Some accent lighting would be nice for reading at night. How about this lamp for the sitting room?

And lets add a chandelier to the sitting room as well.

Finally, since we live in an area of the country that gets pretty hot from March to November during the summer a ceiling fan is a must. We have one in the bedroom now, but it is butt ugly not my style. I think this one would look lovely!

So, what do you think? I've got another design idea/color scheme in my head right now, and after shopping tonight, I'll post the second idea tomorrow!

I hope you had fun shopping with me!


  1. I totally do that all the time, especially with clothes-- I consider it a great personal victory when I'm able to shut my computer without hitting "purchase!" And love your redecorating ideas!!

  2. Hehe, I do this all the time. Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and IKEA get so much of my browsing time :-)

  3. Biz - you should sign up for Pinterest. It's basically an online "bulletin board" of the things you find when you window shop. It's super duper handy for saving ideas. I use it for home decor, fashion, books, recipes, and school stuff. I'm telling you - it rocks!


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