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Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Know What Pisses Me Off?

I really wasn't going to post about it, but something last night pissed me off royally.

Amidst all the talk about a possible deal being made between the two parties and the collective sigh of relief that was heard on and around U.S. military installations all over the world when the deal was announced, I heard a statement uttered that just seemed so wrong and really made me so angry.

When the deal was announced, several different people (politicians and news reporters alike) stated that while they could work the weekend to get the legislation drafted, they most likely wouldn't because they are all very tired.

Excuse my language, but are you f-ing kidding me?

Do they think that the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who have been working for months straight with no time off aren't tired? Do they think that these people who volunteered for this job, the same ones you threatened to not pay, aren't exhausted? The same people who wouldn't DREAM of not coming into work because they're tired. Why? Because they signed up for a job and it isn't done yet.

Perhaps our politicians would be wise to take a note from our military men and women and think about the good of our nation. Maybe they need me to come remind them that they signed up for this job and, guess what, their job isn't over yet!

I've known about it all along, but last night I just saw the glaring disparity between the politicians who are writing the legislation and deciding our financial situations and the people who are out of the battlefield, risking their lives for a country they would literally die for.

Just makes you think, doesn't it?


  1. WOW...that makes me so angry!! I am thoroughly disgusted with our country these days

  2. It's disgusting really. Heaven forbid they not get their beauty sleep so they can wake up refreshed and ready to punch another population of hard working Americans in the stomach. I am happy they finally made a decision, but if any American had faith in our government before, I'm sure their faith has been shaken and broken to almost nothing now. I know mine has. It's hard to stand for a country that won't stand behind you. Or at least waits until the eleventh hour to do so. Shameful!

    Try and have good weekend, girl!

  3. I didn't hear those comments but the very idea is enraging. Yeah, tell the guys pulling security all night at FOBs in Afghanistan and Iraq about how "tired" you are from "writing legislation." I'm sure they will feel soooooo badly for you.....UGH!

  4. I thought the same thing when I heard that. My husband sleeps about 3-4 hours a night and was facing work this weekend without pay. And they were too tired? BS! I could have smacked someone.

  5. Okay, I usually don't like to get commenty into politic-y things...but high five. And to throw a wrench in there, what about all the moms tired of raising families while the guys are away. High five the moms too.

    And yes, I support my 'moms' on base - I schedule dinners with them AND bring liquid relaxation.

    Here's to the moms!

  6. So SHAMEFUL, I was thinking the same thing when I heard it as well. I also wrote a short blip on my BLOG about our soldiers working 24/7 for them but them not willing to help us out?? I sure know who ISN'T getting my vote next election!

  7. A good 99% of the current Congress showed it's true colors this week. I think a lot of them have lost their cushy little incomes.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more. The whole thing is so disgusting. I'm glad they got it "worked out" - but it doesn't make me any less pissed off at them.

    THEY need their rest? Seriously.....

  9. I thought the SAME thing. I was like, oh yeah, because I'm sure our soldiers who work around the clock, and every weekend are tired too, but goes to show you that they aren't taking time off, and why, oh yeah, cause they can't. Wimps.

    I was thinking the same darn thing Yall! Isn't this AMERICA, land of the FREE, Home of the BRAVE!I was all mad about them Politicians not making that der Budget Decision putting our Military Men & Women's paychecks on the line. I mean how else are those Army wives going to go and spend their husbands hard earned money and telling everyone how angry they are about not getting paid while they sit at home watching "Teen Mom" and the "Real Housewives of Orange County." Well we can all rest a sure now that those husbands can go on working hard without having to come home to another night of those nagging army wives. God Bless America!

  11. seriously. if i see a senator or a representative on the street, they're going to need physical protection from me - their behavior the last few days has been utterly despicable. meanwhile my husband's marines are in hostile territory and worried about how their wives are going to buy groceries this week. it makes my blood boil too!

  12. Adorable! My little man has been doing the mini tantrum thing for the past month or two as well. I keep crossing my fingers it won't escalate when he gets older lol. Wishful thinking!


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