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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Day I Met a Squirrel

A few of you have shown interest in hearing the story about the squirrel on my wedding day. Well, here goes!

First, a little background information about me, just so you know where I'm coming from. I've always been afraid of birds and when I was in college one of my roommates said something to me that has stayed with me.

The town where my alma mater is located is a beautiful college town and there are a lot of tree-lined streets. When I was an upper-classman I lived in an old house about a mile or so from campus with a bunch of friends. When the weather was nice (and when the weather was bad) we would walk home from class. There were several routes home and my favorite was one that took me through a quiet neighborhood with lots of giant oak and maple trees. There were always lots of squirrels running through the branches and sometimes they'd jump from branch to branch.

One time when discussing the squirrels, my friend Mary commented that she was always nervous that they were going to jump out of the trees and onto her head as she was walking home.

Seriously? After that, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the image of a flying squirrel jumping out of the trees and latching onto my face.

Fast forward a few years. D and I are getting married on a beautiful spring day on his college campus. There are clouds in the sky and we're hoping to get as many pictures taken as we can before the rain starts. We're posing for some pictures on a bench, just outside the door to the church.

All of a sudden, we notice a little squirrel standing a few feet away.

Luckily the little guy head in the direction of the photographer.

I'm feeling pretty relieved that I've escaped the attack of the killer squirrel!

That is, until.....

Oh, there's no way! And yes, that is me, throwing my brand new husband into the proverbial line of fire (hey, its every man for himself, here)!

This is the evil little guy...

Pretty proud of himself.

I should add here, that the photographer (who obviously was unaware of my intense fear of squirrels) thought this was the funniest, most awesome thing that had ever happened at someone's wedding. I quickly explained to him in the most polite and bride-like way that under no circumstances were we to encourage the squirrel and any more photos of me with the squirrel would result in him being fired (and tortured).

And that, my friends, is the story of the squirrel who crashed my wedding!


  1. Those pictures are priceless!!! Too funny! I really can't stand squirrels either. I can't believe he got that close to you guys! Great story.

  2. That's a pretty brave squirrel! He must have thought you were quite the pair. At an old friends wedding, a bat ended up flying through and her husband caught it in his suit coat. Good stuff!

  3. Oh my gawd. I am seriously crying I am laughing so hard. The pictures of this little event are absolutely priceless!!!

  4. I realize you were terrified, but those photos are PRICELESS!!!! Ho.Le.Crap. They are awesome. Squirrels are evil; I agree with you there.

  5. Hilarious!! Best wedding story and pictures I have ever seen!

  6. Those pictures are great. I love the faces you made even though you were scared!

  7. I think those pictures are AWESOME! I mean, how many people REALLY get candid shots such as those on their wedding day, and a story like that to remember them with?

    I once walked into my friend Mike's house, to see a line of crackers leading in through the sliding glass door and a squirrel in the middle of his living room eating them.

    Mike proclaimed that the squirrel was his new friend Larry. Larry apparently came to visit him a few times a week, and Mike fed him crackers every time.

    It was more than a little ridiculous.

  8. This is pretty much the best post EVER! Thank you SO much for sharing those pictures. Too funny!

  9. Ohmygosh!!! I have an intense fear of a certain reptile...(at least i think it's a reptile) so I can totally imagine how awful that was for you. I would freak out of something I was terrified did that to me. Let alone in my wedding dress.

    EEeeeeeekkkkk!! It's sort of cool you guys caught it on camera though!

  10. Best post I've read in a long time - thanks for the laugh! :)

  11. This is SO funny! How perfect that the photographer was there to capture it! Wild animals are seriously desensitized nowadays. Shouldn't they scamper away in fear, not climb up your dress??

  12. Those pictures are classic! They are hilarious to look at, although I can appreciate at the time the event was terrifying. Those squirrels are sneaky creatures ;-)

  13. Hahaha, I couldn't help but laugh when you wrote the words "flying squirrel." For reasons unrelated to your walk home with Mar! :)

  14. hahaha...that's priceless! i'm sure you didn't think so at the time. ;) i've never seen such a fearless one either.

  15. The pictures are fantastic though! Clearly someone had been feeding the little guy. He's so tiny! Is it just around here that the squirrels are the size of small dogs?

    We have flying squirrels in our yard. They run around on our roof at night. It was a flying squirrel that my cat caught and released in my house.


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