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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Minor Annoyances

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the house we recently purchased is brand new. Its located in an existing neighborhood, but the section we live in is currently being built up. This means that a lot of the lots around us are empty and about to have homes built on them. The houses on either side of us are already built, as well as across the street.

There are, however, a few lots at the end of our cul-de-sac that don't have houses on them yet. We knew this when we moved in. We figured that someday the builder would sell those lots and they'd begin to build houses down there. So it should come as no surprise that there are backhoes, tractors and bobcats driving through our backyard all day, right?

I'm totally serious. They drive directly through our backyard several times a day.

Let me explain.

Our lot is large, so about half of it was cleared for the house to be built, which means that the other half is wooded with a little path along the backside where they accessed the water main.
Here's a shot of our yard from the grassy area at the back of the house.

The front of our lot (where the house is) has been sodded and the back 40 (where the path is) was seeded before we moved in. Well, the builder has been using this path to access the lots down the street.

This is a close up of the "path" that goes through the back.

It didn't really bother me until I realized that when they drive through they're leaving large ruts and divots in the ground.

Even closer shot, you can clearly see the divots and ruts that the tracks are leaving.

I mean, seriously, people, this is OUR property. That sign in the front yard, you know, the one that says "Private Residence" applies to our backyard as well as our front! There's a perfectly good road in front of our house that you can use to access the other lots, please do so!

I guess there is a downside to living in a brand new house, after all! :(


  1. Call them. Just tell them that you don't want them using your property to get to the cul-de-sac. If they didn't leave themselves an easement, kick em out! :)

  2. ugh....that would annoy me to no end. I would make them repair the lawn/path too. ugh.

  3. Crap, I guess I'm glad my 'new' yard is the size of a postage stamp and you'd have a hard time riding a tricycle through it. Those divets suck. I hope you get them to knock that crap off.

  4. I'd call them immediately, and request that they not only STOP driving through my backyard, but also fix ALL the damage they have done.

    If that didn't work, I'd put up a fence ASAP :)

  5. I would tell them to stop, or to pay up. They can't just use yur private property like that! Ridiculous.

  6. That would drive me NUTS!! I hope they intend on fixing that! I feel your pain though, we are in a new construction and our street isn't finished. I am so tired of listening to trucks and banging all day long.


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