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I'm a twenty-nine year old Army wife currently living near a large Army post. I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper, the Internet, cloth diapers, and ridiculous TV shows. I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters, AJ and Amelia. We also have a 6 year old beagle named Abby who is as dumb as a box of rocks.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Love

Let me guess. When you chose to follow my blog it was because you enjoy reading what I have to say (or not, just let me believe that). You might even look forward to new posts from me (okay, maybe not, but that's okay, too).

These are all reasons that I should blog more often (or at all) and about more interesting things.

The problem is, I have had literally nothing exciting or even remotely interesting happen to me in the past week since I blogged last. Sure, I could blog about things like our conversation about the household budget, but I don't really want you all to know how much we've allotted towards things like Sonic, etc. Or maybe you'd like to read about the fact that I haven't gone grocery shopping in more than a week (shut up, I tend to go 2 times a week).

Instead, I'm going to talk about all the super-duper awesome things I'm loving right now, like how much I love Bethenny Frankel and her show. Seriously, she is so funny! At least once, but usually many times per episode, I find myself actually laughing out loud.

I also should mention that I successfully navigated my way through all 40 days of the Lenten season with only 1 Dr. Pepper (the one I had was an accident, it was at the beginning of Lent and I honestly forgot that I gave it up). Now that I don't feel wracked with guilt at the mere thought of cracking one of these bad boys open, they taste even better than before!

I'm also enjoying the Easter candy that all our families sent for us. I think my favorite might be the chocolate covered pretzels filled with peanut butter. I also highly enjoyed the cookies and cream chocolate bunny that FIL sent. Finally (and most obviously) the Reece's peanut butter eggs. OMG! I seriously look forward to Easter every year pretty much just for these!

Lastly, I'm really enjoying our yard and the pretty little buds popping up on all our new trees we ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation. Along with the tiny leaves, we've been spending a lot of time outdoors, both during the day and in the evening after dinner. We've taken to walking (either in the backyard or around the neighborhood) as a family after we eat. Its a nice way to unwind after the day is over and get a little more fresh air before we put AJ in bed.

If you want to check out their amazing selection and prices, click on this link or the logo above.

That, my friends, is the list of what I'm loving right now. What are you loving?


  1. Well, I love reading what you write...especially when it's about reality TV! :) I love Bethenny Frankel and her freaking hilarious show. I would love to hang out with her and all her craziness!

    I've been running out of things to blog about lately too. My life is pretty much devoted to running around base getting stuff ready for Germany. Ugh. Can't wait till I'm there and have LOTS of adventures to blog about! :)

  2. I've been struggling with what to say besides whining about hating my job and P leaving for school. :)

    I love CrossFit, but I am not loving the time it is taking to get back into it after having to take time off. I am loving Chopped on the Food Network, and I am loving my Keurig, because it's awesome to make a single cup of coffee when I'm the only one drinking coffee!

  3. I just recently found your blog but I already love reading what you post. I've never watched Bethenny Frankels tv show but now you have me interested.

    I recently started buying flowers and I really enjoy watching them bloom, but what I really love is when I grow plants from seeds. I'm not sure what it is about planting a little seed and then one day looking in the pot and seeing a little green sprout, that makes me so happy.

  4. I just recently found your blog but i already love reading what you post. I have never seen Bethenny Frankel's tv show but now Im interested.

    I recently bought some flowers and I really enjoy watching them bloom, but what I really love is growing a plant from seeds. I don't know what it is about planting that tiny seed and one day looking in the pot and seeing a little green sprout that I love so much.


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