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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Call Me Crazy...

In case there's someone out there who wasn't fully convinced that I'm crazy, don't worry, I'll confirm the insane level of craziness that we're working with here.

We got two dogs.

I mean, we got two more dogs in addition to the one we already had.


I know you're thinking to yourself, "what is she, crazy?"

Why, yes, yes I am.

There's a back story.

D has a friend from our last duty station who is now stationed here with us. A few weeks ago he found out that his wife was cheating on him and now they're getting a divorce. He works incredibly long hours (as I'm sure all the MilSpouses are familiar with), leaving at 0400 and sometimes not getting home until after 2000 hours.

He had two dogs that were confined to the backyard during that time. He felt so bad leaving them outside all day, especially with summer coming that he decided the responsible, caring thing to do would be to find a new home for them.

That is where we came in.

Did I mention a few weeks ago that I really wanted to get another dog? Well, I was trying to convince D that our family needed another furry member.

The two dogs we just got are already house-trained, know basic commands and are very sweet dogs. Add to this the fact that they were free (no adoption fees or paying for them to get "fixed") AND we are helping out a friend, well, we couldn't have gotten a better deal!

Right now we're definitely in an adjustment period. They are still getting used to our everyday schedule and I'm sure it will take some time for them to adjust to being a part of our family, but I think they fit right in with us!

Their names are:


and Hootie.

More pictures coming soon!

**Oh, and I know I didn't follow the prompt this week, but that is mostly because these two came in and immediately ripped the head off and tore the stuffing out of every single toy in our house!


  1. Wow, they are really cute. Man, they have those faces that you just can't get mad at no matter what they destroy.

  2. aww, they look like sweeties! I had 3 dogs once and it was bananas in my house. I hope you all get in a routine soon!

  3. They're definitely part Boxer, right? This is the same situation in how we got Sissy, our second dog. Hope they integrate well into your family!

  4. Aww they are too cute!! You've definitely got your hands full now!

  5. Ahh! Love, love, love them! And they have such cute names too! I think we'd have another dog if we weren't limited by housing. Then again, our two are the perfect compliment to each other and I have no idea what a third would do.

  6. Haha you are nuts :) But they sure are cute!

  7. You are one brave Mama! They are adorable :)

  8. Oo! Two boxers. You'll have your hands full! They sure are cute, though!

  9. Aw they are adorable! Love their names!

  10. Our boxer is so loyal! Good luck with the 2 they are so cute!

  11. They are so cute! I love their names :)

  12. they are so cute! I love their names :)

  13. They are so cute! Are they boxers? I love the names. And I think it's fabulous that you gave these guys a good home. :) I hope they adjust to your family soon and that Abby-dog gets along with them. :)

  14. They are just the cutest ever!! I know all too well about stuffed animal massacres. My living room is the final resting place to a few formally stuffed critters as I type. lol

  15. They would fit into our "brindle" family perfectly! You are so lucky they are house trained (as I just got done cleaning up an 'accident' from our dining room floor). :)

  16. wow a baby and fur babies ... you are brave and awesome! you just might be my hero!

  17. No worries a few others didn't know the topic today :) I may be a teacher but I don't deduct points on blogger :) I'm just happy to have others participate! Thanks so much for sharing! -C Mae

  18. Aww what adorable little mischief makers {already destroying all the toys} Enjoy your new additions!


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