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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pictures of the House!

So I promised you all that I would have the house photos done and share them with you after the week long saga that was the appetizer recipe contest. I am holding myself to my promise and you have to wait no more!

Here are some pictures of the house that we took this weekend when D's family was in town helping us get moved in. They drove a u-haul down here with lots of furniture for some of the extra rooms in our house. I can't tell you how grateful I am that my Father-in-law is an interior designer. I would seriously be lost without him! It not that I don't have my opinions and my own taste, but its more like he tells us how to arrange our furniture and helps us to decide where our art and wall hangings should go. It just makes our stuff look so much nicer!

Anyways, these pictures were taken mostly before all that happened, meaning things are in random places, there's a lot of crap laying around and not very much stuff hanging on the walls. Basically, I'm going to take more pictures and post them again once we finish some rooms.

The front of the house!

The back of the house!

View looking in from front door. We now have a mirror hanging above the cabinet.

The family room with me sitting in it. This couch is recovered with a muted zebra fabric and will eventually be in the living room (or maybe our sitting room in the master bedroom) when we get our new sectional!

The fireplace in the family room.

AJ's room.

Opposite view of AJ's room.

Kitchen and breakfast area. Through the archway is the dining room.

A shot of the dining room from the living room.

The living room from the front hallway.

A closet in a spare bedroom.

D's office.

Master bathroom.

Sitting room in the master bedroom. Bathroom is to the right.

Master bedroom.


My office from the living room.

Guest room bath.

Guest room.

Guest room.


  1. OMG it's huge!!! I love it, so pretty! The curved archways are so pretty and I adore the sitting room in the master suite!

  2. I love all the architectural details! Can't wait to see more pics as you finish decorating!

  3. What a big beautiful house! I can't wait to have my own office and Mr. F can have his Mancave!

  4. Mad cute! Your kitchen is as big as my whole apartment!! Enjoy your new place!

  5. Ohmygoodness I love love love your house. It's fabulous. :) I can't even tell you which room I like the best - they all are so cool. :) But I do love the wall decal that I noticed in your entry way (ish) area. :)

  6. That's a lot of house! I love the shot of the front of the house. It's gorgeous!

  7. I love your house!! And I love how you can see Dan in the mirror wearing AJ! LOL! :)

  8. I LOVE that big kitchen! Beautiful home!


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