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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pink or Blue?

I had every intention for today's post to be a gender announcement post, as we had our anatomy scan yesterday.  Baby #2, however had other plans.

We were able to see a perfect, wiggling baby on the screen, but no matter how hard the ultrasound tech tried, pushed, prodded, turned me from side to side, our sweet baby would not uncross his or her legs to show us the "goods"!

Luckily, I am being seen at a wonderful civilian OB's office and we're going to go back in a few more weeks to try again to get a shot to confirm the gender, but a part of me is a little relieved that we couldn't tell today.  I mean, I really want to know.  Like really, really want to know.  But the moment I know I think its going to seem so much more real than it does right now.  If that makes sense?

I'm kind of happy just cooking this baby, knowing that in 5 short months we will have another little one in our house, but not knowing the gender makes it seem like we have more time than we really do.  I'm still just pregnant.  Once we know the gender I'll be stressed about which pink clothes to keep or what we need to buy in blue.  I'll start to wonder when we should set up the nursery.  D and I will argue over potential baby names.  Pregnancy seems much more complicated once you know.

I will also be honest here.  I kind of wanted to wait and find out at the birth.  I mean, talk about a surprise!  I knew that D would NEVER (and I repeat NEVER) be able to not find out if the tech was able to tell the gender.  He just isn't that kind of person.  He can't even keep Christmas gifts a secret.  So honestly, I'm kind of glad we weren't able to find out.  I do want to know, and the tech not being able to tell is really the only way I'd be able to go "Team Green" until my due date.

Hopefully we won't have to wait that long though.  We go back for another try in a two weeks and I'm crossing my fingers that this baby uncrosses his or her legs long enough to get a glimpse at what lies in between!

So, no news for you all today, other than to say that we are happy to finally be able to see a wiggly baby on the screen.  S/he is measuring exactly perfect.  After taking all the measurements, the tech asked me my due date.  When I told her she pointed to the screen where the computer had calculated my due date based on her measurements and there it was; 3/17/2013.

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  1. Ah!!!! I'm dying to know. I'm one of those people that probably couldn't wait to find out until the baby was born. It would drive me crazy. Here's hoping that you get a good shot in 2 weeks! :) I think it's a girl by the way. :)


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