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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Big News...

If you know me in real life or follow me on Instagram, then you already know that we are adding another little one to our family.  If not, then consider this my big announcement!

We have been trying for a while and are thrilled to be welcoming our second child in March, which makes me about 16 weeks pregnant.  I am due almost exactly 3 years from when I was due with AJ.

It is hard to explain the differences between my pregnancy with AJ and this time around.  Not only do I feel much more relaxed about this pregnancy, but I'm oddly not even worried about the transition from one to two kids.  Maybe that comes later on in the pregnancy?

Its strange, with AJ I feel like all I did for 9 straight months was think about my pregnancy, and my baby, and etc.  This time I feel like I'm lucky if I remember that I'm pregnant on a daily basis.  Of course, that's if its possible to forget something when its the reason you feel like you're going to lose your breakfast at any given moment!  Its not that we're not excited, obviously we are!  Its just, different.  Its hard to explain.

On top of all the changes that come with adding another child to our family, we also have no idea what we are going to name this baby.  Like, no idea.  At all.

We have our anatomy scan next week, so I think we're both hoping that finding out the gender will inspire us into choosing a name for our next little one.  Here's to hoping, because otherwise?  I fear we will be those people who are held at the hospital, unable to leave, until we choose a name for our child.

How did you deal with adding second (or third) child to your family?  How did you choose a name?  Did you have trouble coming up with name ideas?


  1. Congratulations! We had trouble agreeing on a name for the child I we are expecting next month. We had problems naming our first child as well. We basically just compromised and decided we weren't discussing it anymore.

  2. I think I saw your announcement on instagram already (congrats if I didn't already say it!). :) Initially, I think the transition from 1 to 2 kids is kinda rough. But once you relax into your everyday schedule and figure out what everybody wants and when, you will be golden. AJ seems VERY sweet, so I'm sure she will be the helpful big sister. :)

  3. SO excited for you guys!! What a blessing! And the name will come...usually does. :) Congrats!

  4. Yippee! :) Two is a lot more fun and a lot more trouble. So far at least...I'm only 3 weeks in.

    We went through like the top 500 names on the Social Security lists for boys and girls and picked ones we could consider. Narrowed those down and then narrowed down again by trying to pair with middle names (family names) we had picked. Brody's name was basically chosen a week before...his middle name literally while I was in labor.

  5. Congrats!! Could you share some of that 'not worried about adding the second child'? I'm still so confused about how it's all going to work here and I've only got about 9 weeks left. haha I'm happy for you. Name-choosing wasn't so bad- although no one really likes the name we picked. If I gave you any advice, I'd say- don't worry about what anyone else thinks or even share a potential name with other people. Decide with your husband and don't look back ;) Whatever you choose will grow on everyone else eventually.

  6. Congratulations!!!
    Can't lie, the transition from one to two is usually the hardest. I found going for three and four was much easier :)

    You can always put up a name poll here and let us choose your baby's name! ;)

  7. MANY MOONS AGO , BACK IN 1979 when there were no ultrasounds and you found your babys gender when the doctor announced it as your baby entered the world people would pick the names for a boy and girl. And sometimes people used their worst judgement and picked one name and gave it to the child whether it was a boy or a girl. Example : joey , bobby ,tommy , I worked with medical records and seen these names and the sex was a female.. usually this was common place in the south. With my 2nd pregnancy I told my family that if I had a girl I was going to name herafter my mother who passed when I was 14 years old. I already had a son and my husband picked his name out "Bruce." I was not thrilled ,but accepted it. When I gave birth to my daughter November 29th 1979 , she was named Pearl after my mom. I gave her middle name as Virginia after my husband's mother's middle name. My daughter does love her name and thats so special to me. When you give a child their name you want them to love it as well. Good luck.


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