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Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Weekend

At the beginning of long weekends I always have lots of plans for all the fun we can have and chores we will get done around the house.  A few days later I find myself still wearing yoga pants and making excuses to not leave the house unless its for Dairy Queen or something equally important.

Since D had a 4 day weekend this weekend we got to spend lots of time hanging around and doing nothing.  Friday night we headed out to the sandwich shop and then up to the Halloween movie in the park that our town puts on.  AJ had the best time.  She was running around like a crazy woman and got to star gaze with D, in addition to her nutritious dinner of lemonade and french fries.

On Saturday I did manage to make it out with AJ in tow for some shopping.  We hit up Michael's, Old Navy, the commissary and the Halloween store.  I can't stand those Halloween stores that pop up around this time each year, but we needed a piece of AJ's costume and they were out at Target and Michael's didn't have them, so yeah.  It was basically my last option.

I do think I am officially the crazy lady though because when we were at Michael's we bought a bunch of wooden Christmas ornaments for AJ to paint as a little craft project.  They were only $1.50 each and we had the paint left over from last year's Christmas craft.  On that note, Michael's looked like the holidays threw up on half the store.  Its so weird to see all the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all jammed together.   Can't we just wait until November 1 to bring out the tinsel and trees?  And I mean, I love Christmas more than most people.

I also bought AJ a winter coat at Old Navy, which seemed silly because it was approximately 87 degrees outside when I purchased it.  What can I say, it was $15 and I know she'll need it eventually.  Apparently though, everyone in town got the same email as me about the $15 coats, because the line to check out was literally from the registers all the way back to the boy's section.  I had been entertaining AJ for 15 minutes by the time we got to what is known as every mom's personal hell.  You know, the toys and candy they put right along the waiting area?  Ugh.

We had a rather uneventful trip to the commissary after that and headed home for lunch and nap.  AJ refused to eat any food, so she went straight to bed and was so tired (probably from being up late the night before and all the shopping)!

After the fun and exciting start to our weekend we kind of fizzled out.  We went to a bonfire at our neighbor's house on Saturday night and just stayed home and watched football all day on Sunday.  The temperature dropped by 25 degrees from Saturday to Sunday, so we wore shorts and t-shirts on Saturday and jeans and long-sleeves on Sunday... Maybe fall is officially here?

Today was another low-key day, D and AJ went out for a run and then he mowed the lawn.  It was chilly again, so I'm hoping that we can at least keep the temps below 80 over the next few weeks.  It really bums me out when the weather doesn't match the season.  I guess its the Midwestern girl in me--I want chilly weather and the opportunity to wear hoodies and boots.  Granted, come February, I'll be done with it, but who cares?!  I want it now!

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  1. It is full on fall here. It smells like cross country outside. There is an actual need for sweaters and hoodies. Maybe we'll bring some of that with us next weekend!


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