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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tell Me I'm Not The Only One....

I can't be the only one who totally does not give two sh!ts about Harry Potter.

I told D the other night that I can't wait for the last movie to come out so I can stop seeing the commercials every five seconds and seeing every blogger blogging about it 24/7.

I never really got into it. While I enjoy reading many different genres, I am not really a big fan of fantasy or magical books. The Harry Potter series never appealed to me, so I never read it. I will be honest, D and I went to the theater to see the first movie when it came out 100 years ago.

It was okay, but 3/4 of the way through the movie the reel broke (seriously). The theater management told us that we could come back another time and see it for free, but we never did. To be honest, neither of us was really all that into the movie anyway, so I was kind of relieved it was over early. Ha!

I'm probably going to get a bunch of comments about how I should give it another chance, and OMG, how can I not be a fan of HP? Well, feel free to comment away! I don't think you're going to be able to change my mind.

Maybe someday in 18 years or so, when I have some free time, I'll sit down and read the books. Then I'll watch the movies (even though I'm admittedly not a movie person). Until then though, I'm okay being the only human on Earth who doesn't care about Harry Potter.


  1. It's ok, you won't hurt my feelings. I used to feel the same way about it all, and made fun of anyone over the age of 18 who read the books. Then I finally read the books, and they really were great. The first ones are definitely kid books, but the later ones are not. (The first few movies are just hard to watch, because they were all so young and awkward).

  2. I felt the same way you did for a very long time...up until a couple years ago, I refused to watch 'that crap'. My company worked on the project that built the Harry Potter land out at Universal, so I figured I'd watch a couple movies and see what the fuss was all about. I like them, I think they're entertaining, but I'm not one of the obsessive ones. I'm not going this weekend to see it, I'll wait until the crazies are done flush out this weekend. I can definitely appreciate your point of view. I'm not usually a fantasy movie person either. If I hadn't worked on the project at Universal, I probably still wouldn't have watched the movies.

  3. I feel EXACTLY the same way you do!! I give my hubby crap about liking it ALL THE TIME! Of course, then I get crap from everyone else about why I should like it and how in the world can I not like Harry Potter and like the Twilight series. I'll tel you how...ROBERT PATTINSON is how!! Put a hot guy on the screen playing a sexy, brooding vampire and I'm there! In my defense, I did give it a chance. I watched the first two movies and was bored to tears. I even attempted to start reading the books to try and MAKE myself like it. Still hated it. If it makes any of the Harry Potter fans out there feel any better, I did watch the 4th HP and semi-enjoyed it...just because Robert Pattinson played that Cedric Digory (or whatever) guy. So there!

    I am so happy this is the last movie. And if J.K Rowling tries to pull another book out of her A$$ I might die! (I'm totally not into the whole making up words that sound like wizardry crap. And don't even get me started on that Voldermort character. What the heck?!) SO glad you posted this! I'm right there with ya girl! Too bad I am going to HAVE to go see the last movie with the hubs. He told me he won't take me to Italy for my birthday if I don't. Guess I better suck it up! :)

  4. You are alone! Very, very alone!

  5. Ha ha, you go, girl! I'm not going out of my gourd to see it, but my husband is super excited. I think the main reason is that he was deployed when #7, Part 1 came out and never got to see it. I did though, with Mrs. S! So, we're going to see if we can do a double feature somewhere since he wants to see both, it will be a long night, but fun. Plus there will be candy involved. But yeah it will be nice when all the Pottermania calms down a bit.

  6. Don't feel so alone... I don't care a thing about them either. Never read any of the books or saw any of the movies.

  7. Oh oh oh me either! I think those movies are boring. There, I said it.

  8. Haha, I'll sit with you and watch ANYTHING but Harry Potter. Oh, and don't think I'll watch Twilight either. Gag.

    Gimme something else, anything else...and I'd be happy. I'm talking Die Hard 4, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Goonies...ANYTHING other than that stuff.

    I'll bring the popcorn!

  9. I didn't like them till two years ago. DH wanted to see one of the movies and I being the good, newlywed wife went with him. Kinda got it but since it was a later movie, we went home and watched all the previous ones. Then I wanted to read the books. The books got me hooked...SO much better than the movies. I'm ok with you not like HP though...I want nothing to do with Twilight!

  10. I agree with you about the movies. I honestly don't care about them...and really don't care to see them in the theater. I loved the books though. I think part of the reason is that we started reading them out loud together as a family my freshman year of high school. And while yes I actually did love the stories - I also enjoyed the family time too. step dad would be with you all the way. He hated the HP books and very rarely ever participated in the reading. It's funny how people can be so obsessive about it HP or Twilight movies.

    But...I guess I'm that way about OSU football. So who am I to judge. haha. :)

  11. I've never read it, but I am exactly the same way- I. do. not. care!

  12. Ugh, that is how I feel about "Twilight" both the books and the movies. Nothing about the series even semi-piques my interest and I will never understand why so many of my friends are OBSESSED with it. I don't begrudge them their obsession though, because if Ryan Reynolds played Edward, I would be a full-out Team Edward and Team Edward's Glistening Abs. :)


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