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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess What?!?!

Now that D is back to work and things are starting to settle down around these parts, I figured I'd let you all in on how our weekend went.

First off, guess what I did this weekend. Or rather, what I didn't do.

I didn't take any pictures.

Perhaps that is a fail on my part, but I thoroughly enjoyed not having to lug my camera or phone around with me 24/7. I just enjoyed the holiday, friends, neighbors, and family. How's that for fun?!

Our neighborhood is situation around a private lake and part of our homeowners' association dues pay for a private 4th of July firework show, so on the 3rd, we decided to have a little impromptu block party on our street and wrap it up by watching the fireworks that were being shot off from the dock.

The best part about our street is that we're almost exactly directly across the lake from the dock, so the fireworks were basically shot off right down the street. We had a great view and we didn't even have to leave the yard!

The party on the other hand. Oh, the party.

To say that it got out of hand would probably be an understatement. It was so much fun though!

We started at about 5 by rolling the grills out to the street and bringing out lots of food, and more importantly, beer. There are 7 houses on our cul-de-sac that people live in, plus 2 more that aren't finished, but the new residents came to the party anyway.

Everyone was out and all the kids were running around in various states of undress. Nothing says, "Let's party!" like butt-nekkid kiddos running around!

After grilling, eating, drinking, and partying all evening, the fireworks started.

I did something I NEVER do. I let AJ stay up past her bedtime to watch the fireworks. She was doing pretty well, she had a late nap and seemed to be enjoying playing with all the other kids, so I let her stay up. Then we got to the point where it seemed silly to try and put her down before the fireworks, so she watched them in my lap. She did so well!

After the fireworks ended, I took her straight upstairs and she went down almost immediately.

I was glad she went down so easily, because lots of the adult neighbors were heading down to the vacant lot to float in the lake and have a bonfire. I put my suit on, grabbed the baby monitor and off I went to join the fun!

There were about 10 of us floating around on noodles, drinking beers and watching all the houses across the lake set off fireworks. It was a fabulous end to a fabulous night! When I'd had enough water, I got out and stood by the bonfire to dry off/warm up for a while. Then we headed back up to our house and chatted until after 0100!

You know its a great party when it doesn't break up until after 1!

I think part of the reason it was so much fun was because no one had to worry about driving home, since we all live on the same street! I just have to say that I'm very glad we live where we do and have such great neighbors.

All the neighbors for one last picture before the fireworks started!

**In case you're wondering why I said that I didn't take any pictures and then posted a bunch, my lovely neighbor took all these. ;)


  1. Wow! I am so jealous :) I wish we had neighbors like that!!! Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!

  2. I was going to say - you have plenty of photos! What a great party!

  3. That sounds and looks like SO much fun. I hope to live in a neighborhood like yours some day. I love that you let AJ stay up to watch the fireworks!! :)

  4. That Picture of AJ is maybe my favorite! I also like the one in her white jeans rolled up when she is in front of mom and dad's house.


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