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Friday, July 29, 2011

One of Those Days....

Do you ever have one of those days? No, I'm not talking about an awful day where you just want to crawl back in bed with a cocktail and a carton big bowl of ice cream. I'm referring to the days where you look at the date and can immediately remember that a girl you barely knew in high school is celebrating a birthday!

Does anyone else do this?

I'm not talking about your long, lost high school bestie or anything either. I'm being serious when I say its a girl you barely knew. Maybe its your BFF from first grade who you haven't spoken to in 20 years.

That happened to me the other day.

I always wonder if people randomly think of me on my birthday. People I haven't had contact with or thought about in decades. It doesn't have to be an obssessive thought, but just a quick, "Oh! Its Joe Schmoe's birthday today, I hope he's having a good day! I wonder what his life is like now."

There are certainly days that are more poignant that others, like the birthdays of once close friends, etc. The days I'm talking about are the ones that you shouldn't be able to remember, but for some reason, it sticks in your mind, subconsciously.

Does this ever happen to you?


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about! (Though I admit I know the carton of ice cream days a little better.. sigh) Oddly, most of all the COMPLETELY random birthdays I remember are in November. But seriously, on July 22nd I randomly remembered it was the birthday of a friend I MET on a cruise I took when I was 13. Interesting to think about..

  2. I don't remember days, but I do remember phone numbers and when I see one that's similar to an old friend or teammate from the high school soccer team I always think about them.

  3. This is funny because Hubby and I had this conversation the other day - he teases me incessantly about my random thoughts of so&so's sisters, best friends neighbor who once did the hair of my mom's cousin but I want to have them over for dinner... just cause.
    Sadly I think about others and wonder if they think about me only to realize... they probably dont haha.

  4. Um, ALL THE TIME. I do have a pretty random memory though, so it's not that surprising. I can tell you the birthday of maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of my graduating class (it was only about 80 people, though). Nice for remembering friends' birthdays, but not so helpful if it's someone I haven't seen in 8 years and haven't talked to since maybe 8th grade...


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