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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help Find Lauren!

I'm not sure that everyone has heard about the search going on in and around Indiana University and Bloomington, IN. A young student named Lauren Spierer has been missing since June 3. My little sister just graduated from Indiana a few weeks ago and lived in the same apartment complex as Lauren. They didn't know each other, but its still scary to think that it could have been anyone.

Read the plea from Lauren's mom here.

Click here to read the Fox News story about Lauren.

If you or anyone you know is anywhere near IU, Bloomington, or Indiana in general, please keep your eyes open for her.

Heck, anyone anywhere, keep an eye out for her.

Even if you can't be in Indiana to help look for her, please pray for Lauren, that she be found safe and unharmed, and for her family, that they stay strong and remain hopeful.

Please share this post with your friends, readers and strangers. Let's get the word out and help find Lauren!

Here's the blog where you can get the code for this button.

Put it on your blog!

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