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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ft. Bragg Artillery Live Fire Explosion

I don't normally post about actual Army news, but did you hear about this explosion that happened at Ft. Bragg last night?

I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't make me a little nervous. I am used to hearing the rolling, thunder-like sounds and having my walls shake as much as the next milSpouse, but when there are reports that injuries are involved, that scares me.

I guess we can be thankful for the fact that it happened in the US, during a training exercise and not overseas, during the "real thing." The fact that medical attention was available and there weren't actually enemies waiting to take advantage of any weakness is a blessing, in my opinion. If this had occurred in theatre, the 10 injuries would most likely be a lot more serious and in some cases, fatal.

I just get nervous thinking about the fact that as spouses, we're used to our significant others going out to the field for training exercises, but we don't necessarily expect them to actually get injured on home soil.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Yikes! I only worry when Mr. F is in the field training with live rounds, apparently there have been some close calls in the past.

  2. I can't worry about it otherwise I'd go crazy! I remind myself that Dh could just as easily be in a car accident on the way to work as he could be hurt at work. I could be in an accident...none of us ever know. None of us are guranteed tomorrow...or an hour from now. Just my thoughts:)

  3. The only times (thankfully) OccDoc has been injured were during field training exercises. He got knocked out trying to restrain a fake patient because the 'fake patient' was acting too much.

  4. I agree with Poekitten. Although, ironically, I live over by the Naval Wepons Stations out here, and my house has been shaking like they've been blowing my front yard up with nuclear war missles! Worse than I've ever experienced before! Must be that time of the month for the military.

  5. It's just proof that a military member is never "safe". Training or deployed they are ALWAYS putting their lives on the line, and it is an amazing thing.


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