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I'm a twenty-nine year old Army wife currently living near a large Army post. I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper, the Internet, cloth diapers, and ridiculous TV shows. I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters, AJ and Amelia. We also have a 6 year old beagle named Abby who is as dumb as a box of rocks.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Facts About Me: Part 2

With this post we're half-way done with the 100 facts about me! I bet you're all excited, because I know I am! It is really hard to think of 100 things about me that might be even remotely interesting. Hopefully you're not too bored, and maybe even intrigued enough to head over to Megan's blog at Megan Writes for the details.

26. My favorite book is Jane Eyre.
27. Dr. Pepper from Sonic is better than just about everything.
28. I drive a Jeep.
29. I was an English major in college.
30. Before having AJ I don't ever remember touching a baby.
31. I went to Spain in high school.
32. I remember the faceplate I had on my very first cell phone (it was a Nokia, btw).
33. I have a terrible memory.
34. I call soda, "pop."
35. After I move away from a town, I immediately forget how to get around.
36. I was born in Baton Rouge, but grew up in the Midwest.
37. I bite my fingernails and I really wish I didn't.
38. I grew up close to a big city but I think I'm better suited for country life.
39. I have a few friends that I have been friends with since grade school.
40. I had my toenails painted hot green for our church wedding.
41. Vodka tonics are my drinks of choice.
42. I like to boss people around.
43. I have 18 cousins and I'm very close with most of them.
44. When I was younger I wanted my bedroom to be decorated in nothing but zebra print.
45. I used to work for a book publisher.
46. People sometimes think my sister and I are twins, but we're 5 years apart.
47. I'm kind of a tomboy.
48. I re-took Shakespeare in college because I wanted to get a better grade in the class.
49. I'm never wrong. ;)
50. I can't believe that I'm in my late twenties already!


  1. Can't say I've ever had a vodka tonic...maybe someday!

    That's a LOT of cousins! I'm not sure how many I have, and we all live far apart so it's hard to get to know them. You're lucky to be close with yours!

    Thanks for sharing Part 2 of your facts!

  2. Cool facts! I'm married to an English major and am also interested in writing. :)

  3. Ohymygosh. 3 things.

    1. I LOVE that you had hot green toenails during your church wedding. Someday I'd love to hear about the 2 weddings thing. :)

    2. I LOVE Vodka Tonics. So delicious!

    3. I <3 Zebra print....I just wish it weren't so trendy right now.

  4. If you're best suited for the country life, perhaps being back here at FLW is just the place for you! ;) It's the perfect back-woods, country setting!


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