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Monday, March 14, 2011

Doing The Right Thing....

I'm feeding my kid.

Yeah, I know, you're thinking, who doesn't feed their kid? I'm not sure about that question, but I have another one for all of you mama's out there.

What do you feed your kids or what did you feed your kids when they were 12 months old?

I know a lot of people swear by feeding their kids the same things they themselves eat, and I agree with that. My problem is, we don't really eat at the same time was AJ, and the food we eat tends to be spicy, so I don't want her to burn her mouth off! This is where my problem begins.

The whole point of feeding your kid the food you eat is that its easier for you, which for us, is not the case due to the fact that I usually have to make her different food at a different time than ours.

I feel like AJ eats the same food at every meal and I can't imagine how boring that must be for her. For breakfast she usually eats scrambled eggs and fruit (either bananas or blueberries). Sometimes I give her pancakes. Lunch is typically three of these things: turkey, goldfish, cheese, green beans, carrots and kiwi.

For dinner she gets usually the same thing as lunch, but sometimes I make macaroni and cheese, which she enjoys. She also likes hot dogs and animal crackers.

Now that I listed it all out, I feel like she has more of a selection than I realized, but I still feel like we're getting into a rut.

Has anyone else run into this problem? What did you do to make meal time easier for yourself? What kind of food do you serve your toddlers?

I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.


  1. When my boys where that age one of them was stuck on mac & cheese with peas every night for months!! I often tried to offer somehthing else only to get met with cries & reheating leftovers.I also know Gerber has little jars of meat sticks that they enjoyed- so I would often buy those & offer it with the mac & cheese. My Doctor always told me if they are healthy & that's what they want then the are fine. They never ate at the same time as me except for breakfast- due to soldier husband's late evenings. I would just keep doing the favorites & maybe offer a bite or two off your plate on occasion to see if AJ likes the new taste & textures.

  2. My daughter was a picky eater so I'll just start listing off somethings that worked for me...
    -Chef Boyardee has these microcups with different things that are super quick and easy to give. I suggest anything that easy for little hands to pick up.
    -Toast with jam or you can put yougurt on it. cutting it into strips i found was easier to pick up for my daughter.
    -Crackers with sliced cheese and a lunch meat.
    -Nutrigrain bars & the little muffin packs
    -gerber sells little snacks that are pumped with vitamins. yougurt fruit bites, the fruit strips, and the little crunchies... tomato garden are delicous lol.
    -Chicken fries that are cut up into bite size pieces.
    -Quesadillas & grilled cheese sandwhiches.

  3. Hannah loves the Gerber Toddler diced apples or Dole diced peaches (the ones in fruit juice). Also graham crackers or Eggo frozen waffles, they have different flavors so I try to mix it up!

  4. I think this selection is great for a one year old. Kids don't have palettes as refined as ours so they don't need a lot of variation. As long as you are giving her healthy options that's great! We are currently going through the phase where it's a fight to get Little Butt to eat anything other than Pop-tarts, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets or bologna cheese sandwiches. We struggle to get her to eat fruits or veggies at all. I think they go through phases though...

  5. At the beginning of the week I usually make a bunch of pasta/spaghetti and tomato sauce with ground turkey. We have it for dinner one night and then I feed the leftovers to the boys for lunch or throughout the week! That is definitely my go-to meal but I totally get stuck in food ruts too so it is great to see what you guys eat! It gives me some good ideas, thanks!


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