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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Plans

Here are some pictures from Thursday night. There was a crazy thunderstorm that night too, so it was way cool.

This weekend is shaping up to be busier than Memorial Day weekend was for us. Yesterday D was off work because it was the Army's birthday, so we got to hang out and just spend some time together, which was really nice.

Thursday night we had Sam and Nick over for dinner and we got to enjoying some alcoholic beverages. D says that when Sam and I get together and consume alcohol we should not be allowed to be in the same room. I think its because we are too much alike! He mentioned something about us being loud and talking shit! Haha!

We were out on the back porch, Nick had brought his hookah over and we were smoking that and cigars when we realized that our neighbors were out smoking their cigars. We like our neighbors, so we invited them to hop the fence and join us. Pretty soon 3 CPTs from D's unit and his BN XO walk over. We ended up bull-shitting and just hanging out for a long while with them. It was super fun because all those guys are hilarious! It was kind of sad because everyone is getting ready to leave now, it is so close!

The really good news about having a 3-day weekend is that D has Staff Duty today, so he really only gets a regular length weekend. I am bummed for him. He always seems to get screwed by his dates for Staff Duty. I guess someone has to do it. Either way, I am meeting him for lunch and most likely bringing him dinner and a snack way later on since he has to be there all night.

At least he gets to look forward to our BBQ on Sunday at the Dell's. Rachel called way earlier this week to invite us over on Sunday for a cookout at their place. We have realized that out of all the people in the BN, they are most like us, so now we try to hang out on the weekends. LOL. They went deep-sea fishing last weekend and it sounded interesting, but Rachel definitely did not sell me on it!

Monday is the Co. party and I am in charge of going to Walmart to pick up all the food that was ordered. It is fried chicken with salads and bread for 200! Thankfully I have D to come along with me and help me get it all from the store to my car. I am looking forward to the party because I actually really like some of the people D works with, even if he hates them in a professional setting. He has agreed with me that outside work, they are not that bad!

The countdown continues, we have 17 days until we leave for WA and even less than that (12 days) until the movers come and take all of our stuff! CRAZY! I am trying to think of cool (cheap-ish) things that we can do here to mark the end of our time in TX. I am thinking maybe a trip down to San Antonio to go to Sea World (free!) or something like that, but who knows what I will be able to talk D into...

Until next time!

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