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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Like Texas?

So now that we are 1 week away from having the movers here and just under 2 weeks before we begin the big move, I am realizing that I will actually miss living here. It will be really nice to get out of here, but it will be a big pain to have to figure out where everything is and get acquainted with a new town and post and all that. I kind of have a routine here and it will be sad to leave that. These feelings were prompted by the "For Rent" sign that went up in our front yard seemingly overnight last night.

The reason this feeling of sadness is so weird is because I have spent the 13.5 months we have lived in Texas hating it at the worst and tolerating it at the best. I have always looked forward to the moment we would get to leave here, especially during the deployment. All I could think about was D getting home and us moving out of this god-forsaken hell-hole to somewhere with cooler temperatures and vegetation. My wish has come true!

I have to admit that I am even kind of nervous to move to Ft. Lewis/Tacoma. Ft. Hood was kind of our first real duty station in the Army and it will be weird to be living somewhere else and have to make new friends all over again. BLAH. I was telling D the other night how it seems like we finally are getting invitations to parties and dinner with friends and now everyone is moving.

On another related note, since the move is now so close, I feel like there is more I should be doing to prepare, but when it comes right down to it, I can't think of anything I could do now that won't have to be done all over again in a week or two. My laziness prevails, and I am able to stockpile my energy for more important things, like watching TV, reading books, and attempting to make babies. ;)

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