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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

School's Out!

That's right folks!  Today was my last day subbing in Killeen!  We are moving this summer, so I said goodbye to all my friends over at MVES and headed home to enjoy summer!  So far summer has been sort of boring, but I am sure things will pick up!

The past week has been slow, so I haven't really had much to write about, but yesterday was the worst day ever.  I was out in the inflatable kiddie pool that DH bought me at Walmart and I dropped my cell phone in the water.  Phone is still "drying out" in the tupperware full of rice.  I am hopefully, but realistic in thinking that it may work again someday.  If not, DH had an extra phone for me to use, so I am not completely cut off from the world.

In addition to that awesomeness, we still have not received our per diem pay from the deployment.  DH has been home since March, and its now June.  It turns out that there is a problem with the orders he deployed on and the woman who is supposed to fix them doesn't feel like it.  Totally frustrating!

The good news from yesterday was that we got a call from the rental agency about the townhouse in Tacoma we want.  There is one available starting in July, so now we have to wait and see if our application is approved.  I am assuming it will be, but we are in a waiting game now.  We are ready to put down our deposit and everything but I am afraid someone else will snag it before that can happen!

27 days until SLS, WPT, and JAG get here for the cattle-drive to WA.  Can't wait to get out of here!

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