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Monday, June 8, 2009


The pictures above are some of our new townhouse in Tacoma.

The great thing about the fact we are moving in 3.5 weeks is that I do not have to look for a job for the summer!  I am perfectly content just sitting around, surfing the internet, watching TV, relaxing in the sun, playing on the Wii, etc., etc., etc.!  I only have one move related thing on my calendar for this week, so I am going to try and get that knocked out today, then the rest of the week is mine!

D has Friday off, so that is nice.  It gives us another day to hang out and relax together.  It seems like now that he is home from the deployment, we still don't see each other during the week.  Even when he is home, he is busy getting work together for tomorrow!  He has staff duty on Saturday, so that kind of ruins the weekend, but at least we get that extra day (Friday) since he will be sleeping all day Sunday.

We found out late last week that we were approved for the townhouse in Tacoma that we were hoping to get.  We submitted our application and they called back a few hours later to tell us that we were good to go!  It is super nice and we are pumped about it.  The only downside is that we won't have any yard or grass, so that means Mom will be taking Abby for early morning and late evening walks in the rain!  We wanted to downsize from our current house and didn't want to live in a house, we wanted to have people come and do everything for us, like mowing and shoveling, etc.  (Not that we have had to shovel here in TX or that its been below freezing either, LOL!)  

So, the countdown continues:  22 days until everyone arrives in Central Texas and 23 days until we get in the car and take off on the 4 day journey up to Ft. Lewis.  I'm getting excited.  I am mostly excited to get out of here!  

I am thinking about surprising all the family who are making the drive with us.  I am thinking about buying bleacher seats to a Seattle Mariners game the first week in July.  It would be the day we are able to get into our house.  We are arriving in Tacoma on the 4th of July, and hopefully moving into our house on the 6th.  Would a 7:20 pm game in Seattle be too much?  I don't think we will have HHG, so we really won't have all that much to do on the 6th.  I will ask D about it tonight when he gets home from work.

I am signing off now...

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