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Monday, August 29, 2011

How Do You Move?

So the second I find out we *might* be getting new orders and therefore, could possibly be moving, I hop online and start looking at homes for rent in the new area.

I know I'm not the only one who does this.

I'm not talking about the whole, "we got our new orders and our report date is in a month" looking that most people do. I'm talking about the "we heard a rumor that we could possibly be PCSing in 6 months, so I'm going to 'get an idea' of what is available and what area of town we want to live in" looking.

What can I say? I'm a planner, and since the Army typically doesn't allow for much advanced planning, I just like to cover my ass bases. For me, this is becoming as familiar with a new area as one possibly can be using only Google street view and

Its not like I physically inquire about any of the properties that catch my eye or anything. I am fully aware that most likely the houses that I like now will not be available when we finally move, I just like to start getting acquainted with my new "neighborhood" in advance. I know some people, (ahem, my husband) prefer to not "stress" over it until things are for sure. (Yes, "stress" was the word he used, and no, I was not stressing about anything, thankyouverymuch.)

I like to think that since I'm a professional PCSer, having moved 5 times so far, my system works fairly well. I mean, we only ended up in the ghetto one time. 1/5=80% success rate!

So what about you? Are you a go-getter or do you prefer to wait until the hard-copy of your orders are in hand to start your search?


  1. Our orders are for the next three years. We already play around on websites looking at homes and neighborhoods near places we *want* to get stationed at. I've lived in this house for ten months and am ready to move already (when we have about 35 months left!). I think it's milspouse behavior at best. The move is ingrained in us.

  2. I'm just like you! I start searching months out, just to get an idea of the market/costs. I am fully aware that the houses I am looking at 3-6 months in advance will not be available.

  3. I was looking for rental homes in the market where I moved in August for a very long time... registered with a website to look at listings (so I could see their addresses and Google Map them) in April or something to that effect. Yup yup, I am right there with you! (I was also bored/excited for the next phase.)

  4. We were assigned a house here a few weeks before we even arrived. It's a small post, middle of nowhere, so without command consent you have to live in housing. Since it's my one and only experience, I guess that's all I'll know of it since my husband is done in January. :/

  5. I am the same way. It drives me CRAZY!!

    Oh, and I MISS YOUR POSTS! Come back :)


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