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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Worst Run EVER.

Wednesday we had playgroup at our neighbor's house in the morning. Since I didn't think I'd be able to get my scheduled 5-mile run in before we went over there at 10 I skipped it. We had a nice time with our friends at playgroup and AJ was worn out by the time we got home!

After lunch and AJ's nap I noticed that it was only 87 degrees outside instead of the normal 175 degrees that we've gotten accustomed to this Summer. I decided that since it wasn't that hot and we weren't doing anything we'd try and get some miles in.

Boy. It was a bad decision.

Not only is 87 degrees still really, really hot for running, but AJ was not having it. I had decided before leaving that I probably wasn't going to get the whole 5 miles in, but I figured if I did 4 that was respectable. I ran 2 miles out and AJ started fussing about that point, so I decided to make it the turnaround point instead of trying to get the whole 5 miles in. I was so hot and feeling pretty dehydrated, but I tried to run faster so we'd get home sooner. Well, I'm sure you can guess how that turned out.

I started feeling pretty awful and had to walk a few times and drink some water. Each time I drank the water AJ got more angry. By the time we got a mile from home AJ was screaming bloody murder and writhing around like she was being tortured. I decided to just end the running there and got her out of the stroller and started walking the last mile home, holding all 25 lbs of AJ and pushing the stroller, uphill in the late afternoon heat. It was awesome. (Please note the sarcasm there.)

My arms were so tired from pushing the stroller anyway that I kept having to switch her from one side to the other. By the time I was a half mile from home I was praying that D or someone, anyone I knew would drive by and offer me a ride home. No such luck. I ended up walking the entire last mile home and of course by that point AJ was just as pleased as punch and wanted to play outside.

So folks, the lesson here is do not try to take your 17.5 month old out for a longer run in the afternoon unless your child is okay with that sort of thing. I know for certain that any future runs with AJ in the stroller will be completed first thing in the morning.

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