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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Week

So this week hasn't been the best on record. First, my car's "Maintenance Required" light came on, so I took it into the shop and they were able to find about $400 worth of things that needed to be fixed on it. At least the receptionist was nice and gave me a ride home while they worked on it.

This this morning D was driving to work and I got a phone call at 5 am because he had a flat tire and wanted to know if we had roadside assistance. Turns out, AAA won't change a tire if the person on the account is not there. D had to change the tire himself on the highway (in the dark, 30 degree weather).

I took his car to Discount Tire to get all new tires (it was overdue for them anyway) and not only was the bill incredibly freaking expensive, but they couldn't even put all the new tires on because 2 of the wheel studs are cross threaded. This basically means that the bolts are stripped and won't hold the nuts on (which hold the wheels on).

Because of this, tomorrow I am heading to yet another auto repair place to get the studs replaced. At least the guy on the phone told me that it shouldn't cost more than $50 (and 2 hours) to fix.

I swear, if we didn't need cars to get around here, I would get rid of both of them at this point (well, maybe I should keep them until the time to spend tons of money on them rolls around again)!

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