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Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Horrible at Updating...

So, considering the fact that I sent out the link to my blog you would think that I would actually be posting on a regular basis. Not so! LOL. This week has been crazy busy!

Friday 9/25:
Woke up at the crack of dawn and flew to Chicago (yes, my arms were really tired by the time I got there). Had fun and hung out with friends and headed up to Milwaukee for a wedding.

Saturday 9/26:
Wedding festivities in Milwaukee.

Sunday 9/27:
Ate Portillo's for lunch! Flew back to Seattle, got in late-ish Sunday night (it was dark).

Monday 9/28:
Took a day trip down to Portland for D's work, since I am the FRG leader he thought it would be a good idea for me to see the rehab facility down there since several of the soldiers are there or will be there in the future. This allows me to talk to the wives about my experience there.

Tuesday 9/29:
Had a meeting with Family Advocacy to learn more about what they do for soldiers and families and make a contact (as the FRG leader) with the woman who runs it.

Wednesday 9/30:
So tired, but had to get on the phone and figure out a bunch of bills that were perplexing us! Turns out that we are only billed for utilities every 2 months (would have been nice to know so I didn't stress about it all weekend!). The bank had the wrong address on file for us for our car loan, so that is why we never received a bill from them! Whew! Crazy day!

Thursday 10/1:
An intriguing and interesting Town Hall meeting for the Battallion. At least I got to sit next to D. ;) After that I had my first pre-natal massage and it was really nice! The lady was a little rough, but overall, worth it! Then we hit Farrelli's for dinner to celebrate one of D's NCOs graduating from BNOC (some NCO school).

That leads me up to today! I went to Barnes and Noble to get the book I need to read by next Friday and on my way home I finally wandered into the produce mart by our house. WOW! This place is fabulous! I bought a bunch of produce and some other stuff too, all for about $20!

One of the things I bought was creme pumpkins and peanuts to make the most fantastic fall treat ever. Well, turns out the peanuts I bought were "raw" so I attempted (and succeeded) at roasting my own peanuts! LOL.

I think D and I are going to go see a movie tonight. He really wants to go to Zombieland, so that may just be something we end up doing. I am planning on making dinner, but I could be talked into Chinese food! This baby may as well be part Chinese and part Mexican because that is what it LOVES to eat!

Gender determination in 16 days! Eek!

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