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Monday, October 5, 2009

Steilacoom Apple Squeeze

Yesterday D and I ventured on over to the Steilacoom Apple Squeeze for a little Fall fun! The premise of the fair is you can squeeze your own apple cider, taste apple butter, eat apple fritters and caramel apples and just enjoy Fall! They also had a booth set up where you could bring an apple of "unknown" origins and the experts would try to classify it.

Of course they had the regular fair food there as well, you could buy hot dogs and the like, but it looked like most people were going for the apples. We hit up the hot apple butter line and enjoyed that while we waiting in line to buy pasteurized apple cider. They were selling already bottled (pasteurized) cider in gallon jugs, and they also had a large station set up for fair-goers to purchase a gallon-sized jug and squeeze their own cider fresh.

The fair itself took up about one block in the downtown area of Steilacoom and it was the perfect size. It was fairly busy, but the weather was nice (a little windy, but we were right on the water) and there were several booths in which vendors showcased their wares such as handmade soaps, quilted everything and art.

All in all, it was a fun, Fall afternoon and we were glad we went. Steilacoom is a very pretty town, situated right on the Sound, and well kept, which many parts of the South Sound area have problems with. We enjoyed it and my only wish is that I would have thought to bring my camera along to get some pictures of the Sound with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

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