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I'm a twenty-nine year old Army wife currently living near a large Army post. I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper, the Internet, cloth diapers, and ridiculous TV shows. I'm a stay at home mom to two beautiful daughters, AJ and Amelia. We also have a 6 year old beagle named Abby who is as dumb as a box of rocks.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Frenzy!

I've got some more random thoughts from this week. I feel like by the time Friday rolls around I can hardly form a coherent sentence, much less an entire blog post, so its easier for me to keep a running blog post throughout the week and just add little bits and pieces here and there.

1. We've been having panic-attack-inducing conversations lately about possibly receiving orders to PCS away from here. Hubby wants to talk about what the plan is for listing the house and what needs to be done before that can happen. I informed hubby the other night that I'm still pretending that we're definitely staying here (even though its about a 50/50 shot) so that I don't make myself sick by worrying about what we're going to do if we can sell our house and no one rents it. We simply do not have enough money in savings, nor do we make enough to cover rent somewhere else AND our mortgage here. Agh! I'm starting to freak just typing it out!

2. AJ has been telling me whenever she hears a noise! This includes the dog barking, a tv that was left on upstairs and trucks or planes outside. She will stop dead in her tracks and say, "Sound! I hear it!" Its so funny! I then ask her if its the dog, or something else and she says, "Yes." She is too funny!

3. I found adorable *free* printable cupcake toppers to use for AJ's birthday party. I was debating buying a template and then printing and assembling them on my own, but I'm glad I kept looking because I found ones that I like better and did I mention they were FREE?

4. I've been debating getting a hair cut. I really need one (my hair is so limp and raggedy all I do is put it up every single day) but I almost never go to the salon on a regular basis so I can't really get a real cut that needs up-keep and I just am so lazy that I keep thinking of a million reasons to not go.

5. I think I may make a trip to the HobLob sometime soon to check out what they have that would fit with AJ's party theme. I found some stuff online that I might order, but I got a gift card to HobLob for Christmas, so if I can use that to fray the costs associated with AJ's party a bit I think I'd like to do that (and I know Hubby would appreciate it)!

6. AbbyDog has been such a terrible, terrible dog lately. Its like all of a sudden she decided that she's going to act like a puppy again and start getting stuff out of the kitchen garbage can and tear it up. She also likes to chew the spouts on AJ's sippy cups so they're ruined. We basically should have bought stock in sippy cups because we're single-handedly keeping the industry alive! Oh, there was also the incident with the ham. Anyone want a naughty beagle?

7. AJ is loving her big girl bed. Every morning when I go into her room to get her up she runs to her bed and points at it and says, "big bed!" While she still isn't wild about the idea of taking naps or going to bed when I tell her to get in her big bed she climbs up on her own and lays down without fuss. I'm glad we switched her when we did. I feel like if we had waited too long she would have gotten too attached to her crib and it would have been way harder to make the transition. I think we've also got enough time before we start potty training for her to really be used to sleeping in the bed before we throw something else new at her!

8. I feel like no matter how much sleep I get in a night, it is never enough. A FB friend of mine whose son is about AJ's age posted this week that she feels more tired now than she did when her son was a newborn. I have to say that I agree. I knew I'd be exhausted when AJ was a teeny tiny baby, but no one prepares you for how tiring it is to have a toddler. Maybe its because lots of mamas are already pregnant with #2 (or have had their second) at this stage with the first so they attribute it to being pregnant or having a newborn. I'm here to tell you, its not the newborn that is making you tired, its the toddler! Haha!

9. Someone I know tinkled in her potty yesterday and I was so shocked! I was heading to the bathroom and went I went in she told me she wanted me to take her pj's off and then her diaper, so I did. She then sat down on her little potty chair and peed! Afterwards she walked into the kitchen and sat on a plastic lawn chair and peed on that, too! Ha! I guess we're going to have to explain the difference between a potty chair and a regular chair.

That's all for the randoms of the week! I hope you all survived the week and you have a fun Super Bowl weekend! We don't have any plans but I'm thinking about making game day appetizers for dinner on Sunday anyway! TGIF!

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