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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So I kind of thought that by letting y'all know in my last post that there were developments in our possible move that you'd be relieved that I am, in fact, able to talk about it casually without having a panic attack. Instead, I was surprised to find out that you weren't happy that I "left you hanging" and didn't update you yesterday. Ha! Sorry!

Anyway, a little back story. We are stationed here, and D is currently at the very end of a year long school/qualifying course for his new job. When we moved here and bought our house everyone who has ever and will ever do this job was always stationed here, so we thought we were safe in locking ourselves into a tiny 30-year mortgage. Ha! Almost immediately after starting this course, back in March, D was told that they were expanding the branch and that BNs were being started at a few other posts. The original BN is still located here, along with one additional one. Two others are not located here. Great.

We started out just hoping that we'd be able to stay here. As time went on, it started to look more and more like not only were the chances of us staying here growing slimmer by the day, but that we may not want to go to one of the two units here, based on D's career aspirations, thus cutting our chances of staying here even more. So this scenario is not just the Army saying, "Ha! You bought a house? Don't you know the first rule of the Army?" We brought part of this stress on ourselves, but I'm sure that many of you have been in a similar scenario before. We can suck it up and D could possibly go to the unit he doesn't want to go to, but then we'd be miserable for the next several years and his performance may suffer, along with possibly having a negative affect on the next stage of his career. Sometimes the decisions that we make are stress-inducing now, but will pay off later, and this, for us, is one of those decisions.

Jump forward to a few weeks ago. We found out that there are now only the three options, two here and one somewhere else. Well, that meant for us, two options, thus a 50-50 chance we'll stay, versus move. If you've never been in this situation, let me tell you, having a completely split outcome is not an ideal place to be. I was struggling with it because I wasn't letting myself prepare for either option. If I know that the odds are 60-40, and may change, I can at least tell myself that we'll probably be somewhere else next. Even knowing that the final outcome can (and probably will) change, I can at least start thinking about the next stage.

So when D came home on Friday night and told me that he was informed that they're not keeping anyone of his rank here and we're more than likely moving sometime in early summer, I was actually relieved, rather than freaked out. Just knowing that we're more likely going to one over the other was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

We still haven't decided what we're going to do with the house. We would like to be done with it and not have to worry about renting it out. We're afraid that since we've only been here for a year that we won't be able to get an offer high enough to cover everything and we'll have to pay. That is what we don't want. We are willing to walk away from this house, but we don't want to have to pay to sell it. Our realtor seems to think that renting might be our best option for a few years, but we haven't made any decisions yet. We did discuss what our financial preparations need to be in order to proceed with either option. So we're on the same page, but as of right now, we are pretty confident in knowing that we're moving, we know where we'll be moving to, but we don't know what we're going to do with the house.

That is the whole, long, fairly vague (sorry about that, can't release any specific details), story.


  1. Good luck with the house! I owned my house when my husband went active duty. We chose to sell. I had to pay a few thousand so someone could buy my house. I was not pleased, but at least I don't have to worry about it anymore. I know others who have rented due to the market, and they seem to be doing okay.

  2. I'm glad that you guys sort of know what's happening! I'll say some prayers about the house. It would be great if you could sell it and not have to worry about it! :) Now I just hope you're either moving near me...OR somewhere else super cool that I'll want to come visit all the time. :)

  3. I completely understand the relief of just knowing...finally. We've rented out a house for a few year because of the military, and then sold it later (having to pay). It is a tough situation. Good luck!

  4. I can understand what you mean about relief in knowing!! We're still waiting (for different reasons of course...). LOts of luck selling in that's what you end up doing!! Must meet you before you go :)

  5. I haven't gone through any of this yet, but I'm sure it is to come! My husband will be finished all training in November, then we'll know where we're going. I'm not looking forward to not knowing for sure what's going on, but it seems life just seems to be that way! Good luck with the house!

  6. I know what you mean! It's like if you know where you are going, it might not be the best option, but at least you can plan! So much better than being in limbo!

  7. Totally understand the feeling about finally knowing what the plan HAS to be instead of having to make the hard decision yourself. Sometimes that's the good thing about the military...if they make all the decisions and one turns out to be a bad one, then you can't blame yourself! Just blame the Army! :) Heck, I'd probably blame them anyways. Good luck with all the other decisions you'll have to make in the coming weeks! I'll be thinking about ya! :)


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