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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Namaste, Everyone

Do you practice yoga?

I have to admit that until a few weeks ago my yoga experience was limited to the 15 or so poses that you can find on Wii Fit. I didn't really find any benefit to it and thought it was mostly about flexibility and stretching.

My neighbor invited me to go to a yoga class on post a few weeks ago and I went with her. We focused on balance for the 60 minute class and afterwards I was so sore! My legs felt like jello and it was then that I knew that there was more to yoga than what the Wii had shown me. Part of it is very relaxing and there is a flexibility aspect to it as well. I find that it has really helped me with the rage/anger I was experiencing a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if its the exercise, relaxation or simply getting out of the house and focusing only on me for an hour, but regardless, it has helped!

I've since been back a few more times and I actually find myself looking forward to the hour of relaxation, stretching and work-out that I get each time I go! The best part is that because the class is held at the gym on post, it is free!

I highly recommend yoga, but also looking into other exercise classes that the gyms on post offer. They're all free and they only keep them if there is enough interest, so go! Check out a class or two! Also, if your kids are registered through CYSS you can put them in the childcare at the gym, too!


  1. i just started yoga --i was very unsure about how i felt about it ---but i am loving what it is doing for my flexibility!! i only do a video at home so maybe i need to check out a class....try a zumba class!!! (just for fun --do it with someone you can be silly with and you will be in for a great laugh) i think between the laughing and dancing you will be surprised how many calories you actually end up burning :) and TRUST ME --you do NOT have to be a good dancer !!!

  2. At our last duty station I was a member of the co-op (a group ran by parents that traded off babysitting while at the gym) and did yoga 2x a week. Loved it! I tried the class at our gym here and did not like it (the instructor very VERY inexperienced) so it has been so long since I have done yoga. You are making me miss it :)


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