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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

We had great plans for our first Saturday of Christmas Exodus. We were going to head to town as soon as Miss AJ got up from her nap, do some errands and go out to eat at Panera (fancy-schmancy, huh?), then we were going to head to the local botanical gardens to see their holiday light display with some friends.

Sounds fun, right?

Friday I noticed that AJ had developed a little bit of a cough, so I was kind of keeping an eye on it, but not too worried. Well, by the time we had dinner Friday night she was yawning all over the place, so we put her to bed early and figured that she was just fighting a cold of some sort. The extra sleep should help, right?

Well, midnight rolled around and I wake up to the sound of D going into her bedroom, she's screaming and obviously not feeling well. She ended up in our bed with us the rest of the night (if you consider 1-5 to be a full night sleep). At 0500 I took her downstairs to watch tv because she was crying non-stop. We laid on the couch and watched early morning cartoons until I finally decided to giver her a sippy-cup of milk. Almost as soon as she drank it, another coughing fit came on and then it happened.

Puke. All over the couch. All over AJ. All over her beloved blankie. Everywhere.

Oh yeah. I was kind of half asleep when it happened, but as soon as I heard it, I was up so fast, you would have laughed!

I stripped her down, took her jammies and blankie and started a load of laundry. Got the couch cleaned up, baby in new jammies and we settled back in for an uneventful day of bland foods, honey water, extra naps, and lots of snuggling.

Needless to say, we didn't go see the lights, even though AJ was feeling quite a bit better after her second nap of the day. I did convince hubby that I needed Panera after thinking we were going there, so I ran out and picked it up. ;)

I think we're going to try and go see the lights later this week once AJ feels better, since D is off work until 2012 (oh yeah, I'm so happy to finally have him around and available after this entire year of him having homework and being exhausted from work).

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