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Friday, April 23, 2010

Grandpa G Comes to Visit!

AJ will get to meet her Grandpa G for the first time tonight! D's dad is coming to visit for the weekend and spend some time with the little lady! We don't have anything big or exciting planned, but I know that for him, just seeing and meeting her is big and exciting! I'm hoping that she semi-behaves while he is here, but if not, I know he'll understand!

The last few days and (especially) evenings she has been really fussy and almost inconsolable. She has also been spitting up a lot every time she eats. I feel so bad for her because it seems to bother her when she spits up. I'm just hoping that she doesn't have reflux. She has a doctor's appointment on Monday though, so if she does have reflux we can hopefully get an antacid or something from the pediatrician while we're there on Monday.

Right now though, we're off to meet D for a Teriyaki lunch and then possibly heading to a huge baby and children's consignment sale at the fair grounds. We don't have anything specific we're looking for, so maybe we will find something that catches our eye! I'll post pictures if we end up bringing anything home!

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  1. Hope you find some neat stuff! please post pictures :D


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