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Friday, January 8, 2010

Typical Washington Day...

So today I got up to take the dog out and it is pouring rain! I guess I'm kind of used to it now, but for whatever reason, the dog wanted to take her own sweet time going potty this morning, so I was soaked!

I got a text from my Mom this morning letting me know that they closed on the condo in Florida! What a relief that must be for them! I talked to my Dad yesterday and he explained the crazy hoops they were jumping through yesterday! They were supposed to fly out of Chicago yesterday and there was a big snow storm, so a lot of the flights were canceled. They thought theirs might be also, so they wired the money down to the realtor and printed out all the contracts and legal documents (79 pages worth) to sign and have notarized. They FedExed the papers back, only after buying more paper and ink for the printer!

Well, turns out, their flight was not canceled, so they spent all that time running around trying to get everything ready and sent down there for nothing! They ended up making it down there! I think they're spending the weekend trying to find some basics for the condo. They said that they're planning on looking on Craigslist for furniture and stuff and they got some kitchen stuff from all us kids for Christmas.

All in all, an exciting day for them down in Florida, but up here in Washington, we are just enjoying the rain and getting ready for our next OB appointment this afternoon! We get to hear the baby's heartbeat again!

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