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Sunday, January 3, 2010


D had a 4-day pass this weekend, so we have basically spent the entire weekend cleaning out closets, reorganizing our stuff, putting together furniture and preparing the upstairs to welcome a baby to our house! We made a trip to Ikea yesterday and bought some dressers for our bedroom so that we would be able to move all D's clothes out of the nursery closet.

We are almost done moving all the upstairs furniture around and will have the crib set up in the nursery by tonight, so we will just be waiting on the bedding for the crib. I am also going to open up the Pack 'n Play so that it has a chance to air out before America comes!

This morning I moved all her clothes and most of the baby stuff from the dining room upstairs into the closet in the nursery. D's dad is coming to visit in a few weeks and we are going to be shopping for a bed frame for our bedroom and a rocking chair (and maybe a dresser/changing table) for the baby's room. We also have some Chinese paper cut-outs that my grandparents brought back from China many years ago that I want to frame and hang in her room. The only other thing that I want to do is paint wooden letters and hang them over the crib spelling out her name. Overall, we're making good progress. I'll post pictures when we get the crib in the room and again once all the bedding arrives!

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