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Monday, November 9, 2009


Sunday night I made ham and green bean casserole for dinner. We were going to have a nice, fall dinner, just me and D. I spent some time making a glaze for the ham so it would be nice and yummy.

I made the dinner and it was finally ready! We sat down to eat and D was having a hard time cutting the ham. Well, I just assumed that he was doing it wrong or being stupid, we didn't really think anything of it. We learned differently as we started eating.

The ham had another layer of plastic wrapped around the skin! No wonder it was so hard to cut! I was mad because all that delicious glaze went to waste! No worries, we ended up dipping the pieces of ham into the glaze in the pan!

I guess next time I will make sure that I check to see if the ham is double wrapped before I cook it!

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