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Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Been Forever!

I have not posted anything on here in forever! We made the move and have gotten settled into our new house. D is getting adjusted at work and finds it much different than his last position, but I think he will end up liking it.

There has been a lot happening around here lately. The first big thing was the shooting on post at the PX the other day (Wednesday I believe). A man shot and killed his girlfriend and then shot himself. I was driving by the PX when it happened and I saw all the people running around outside and was confused about what happened. D told me a few hours later and I checked the news. How sad.

The other BIG piece of news from the past few weeks is the fact that we are expecting! Tomorrow I will be 7 weeks pregnant with our first child! We are estimating the due date as March 13, 2010, but will know more in a month or so when we have our first real appointment with the doctor. We had an intake appointment on Wednesday and the nurse eased my mind (I was really worried and freaking out!). So far, my symptoms have been on and off, some days I feel sick and want to throw up, other days, I feel fine!

In a related topic, I think we are going to start taking pictures fairly regularly of me and my belly so we can document and watch how I grow throughout the pregnancy. Once we start doing this, I will start posting them on here.

I almost forgot! D and I went to the No Doubt concert last weekend up in Auburn. It was so much fun! Paramore opened for them, and they were awesome, then No Doubt rocked the stage for almost 3 hours! They played all their great songs and really just blew me away! I had hear that they put on a good show, but man, I had no idea it would be that awesome!

Anyways, I am going to sign off now!

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