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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Gender Predictor

So I saw a link on a message board today and decided to try it out. After entering some basic information (my birthday, date of conception, Daddy's birthday, etc.) I was given a 72% chance of having a baby boy (!). D and I have both said that we would like a boy or a girl, but I think secretly he wants a girl and I want a boy.

I will have to wait and see if the prediction was correct (another 13 weeks or so) until we have the ultrasound at 2o weeks to determine gender. D and I have said since the beginning that if the ultrasound technician is able to see the gender, we want to know! I don't think that either of us could wait if we knew it was possible to know.

Back to the original topic, the gender predictor. I have been hearing and reading about how gender prediction has been right for so many people in the past. Hopefully the one that I just filled out is correct! I will keep updating as the pregnancy progresses.

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